Top 5 Most Sexy Halo Cortana Picture

True Halo fans likely know that the franchise has seen its highs and lows over the years. They will recognize Halo Cortana when they see a picture of her. The character has excited fans since the her very first appearance. Even from the first Halo game, she introduced something new for people to appreciate. Her cybernetic appearance sets her apart and helps introduce some technology along the way. Her character evolution has also helped fans sympathize with the choices she makes. New plot developments have changed the way that Cortana interacts with players. See Halo Cortana become more sexual in some surprising new ways.

5. Halo 4 Encounter

One encounter the player has with Cortana in Halo 4 will surprise many. It briefly shows Cortana nude and in front of the player himself. It is possible to interact with a nude Cortana in Halo 4. That clip caught the attention of many fans who wanted to see more. Fans debated the encounter and what it meant for the franchise itself. Some felt like it was a mistake and should have been removed. But it was a stark moment and one that captured attention for many. Players were amazed by the character and its sudden nudism.

4. Fan Art

Cortana made an impression on people as soon as she made her debut. That sparked an interest among fans when it comes to her appearance. The character was an important component of a growing franchise on the market. Fans responded and even submitted fan art of their own. The quality was stunning and caught the attention of media figures too. Artists made a name for themselves by portraying Halo Cortana like that. People simply wanted to see more of the beautiful woman in the artwork. Many were surprised that she was a popular character in these video games.

3. In Game Footage

Cortana has a slender and voluptuous figure that cannot be denied. She is feminine by nature and has a great look to her body. That helps her stay young in the series, even as new sequels are released chronologically. Halo Cortana demands respect in an action packed series that appeals to many. In game footage will supply some sexy pictures of the character for fans to ogle. That might appeal to anyone new to the franchise and willing to see the artwork. That has earned accolades for true fans of Halo as a franchise as well.

2. Magazine Artwork

Halo has been an important franchise for years in the gaming industry. All of its characters are valuable, including both Master Chief and Cortana. Video game magazines have issued full page images of Cortana before now. That has elevated the popularity of Halo games over time too.

1. Censored Content

There are sources that indicate Cortana is being portrayed in hentai. That will be a popular move among fans who want to see it. The hentai will showcase Cortana in both soft core and hard core poses. That might appeal to anyone who wants to see the character in various positions.

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