Halo Recruit | What You Need to Know

It has been announced by Microsoft that they are working with 343 Industries to produce another Halo experience for mixed reality. Now, the company has revealed its first experience – Halo Recruit. Halo Recruit game will be starting on October 17th. Do you want to try the game out? You can look for it in
Microsoft Stores nationwide or download it for free from Windows Store.

The title,
Halo Recruit, is not meant to be detailed as may be expected from a free title. The head of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality had said that it offered its first hint into what mixed reality and Halo recruit can feel like. In one of his fun, brief introduction statements into the world of Halo, he said: 

"for the first time, you will see several iconic characters in mixed reality."

Though I was skeptical when VR first became a “real thing” – with the idea that putting on a headset gives the impression of inhabiting a virtual space felt far away (putting on a headset as being claustrophobic). I was wrong anyway. The Halo Recruit is not a game or part of a game, but it is a light introduction to the world of Halo and a weapon or let’s say Warthog. At this point, we are given a chance to play with Microsoft’s amazing new technology and to stand side-by-side with an Elite. Halo Recruit has established
incorporation with Endeavour One – our good friend. Endeavour One is a powerhouse studio which is tied to Halo.

The Halo Recruit is not a full game but just a demo of what the real one will be like in the future like virtual Spartan. It does not take a whole time to play, and it is not as challenging as you might think. But it’s Halo. It’s awesome. And it’s free. ‘Halo Recruit’ brings the Xbox series to mixed reality. What we need from Microsoft now is the real Halo game for Mixed Reality

Now, one of The investments made by Microsoft in games is Halo for their mixed reality platform. Aside from Halo Recruit, Microsoft has also announced the preview for Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR which was accessed by their developers (this was announced over a month ago). It will be released to consumers this coming holiday season.

Also be reminded that being an all-inclusive theory that includes both virtual realities and augmented, Microsoft is arranging Windows Mixed Reality. This shows that HoloLens is for AR and VR, Windows Mixed Reality headsets would be used. The ideology used here, therefore, shows that the idea behind the Mixed Reality term is that VR and AR headsets will play well together – they will, thus, have access to the same applications and software.


Are you interested in finding out what this fuss is all about? Make sure your PC is updated to the latest version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and get one of the several Windows Mixed Reality headsets that will be coming out this holiday season from Microsoft Stores or download for free. You can now step into the world of Halo with Halo Recruit.

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