Latest Halo Vehicle Mega Bloks Sets in 2018

The Halo fan community was excited to welcome Mega Bloks latest series, the Halo 5 vehicles and all the goodies it had for them. We were all heads over heels in love with the UNSC Pelican Gunship and the Covenant Spirit Dropship among other irresistibly heavy-duty machines.

But even before the elation is over, Halo Mega has done it once again! And this time the deal looks even meatier.  Today, our Mega Bloks Halo reviews will definitely whet your appetite and perhaps charge your hunger for brick games. Here, you’ll find some of Halo Mega’s 2017 releases. We’ve also brought some highly recommendable units from other series that, perhaps, you’ve not set your hands on yet.

Let’s do it!

1. Halo UNSC Kodiak Siege Canon

The Kodiak Siege Canon is one of the best Halo Mega sets for 2017. It lives up to its name thanks to its huge and quite-threatening pivoting cannon and a bevy of weapons. It has a dedicated storage for the armory and another one that opens up to display its heavy-duty engine. It also has 4 removable gas canisters for fuel.

Halo Kodiak Siege Canon is controlled by 2 operators. They use 3 printed panels and 3 control levels. This vehicle is pretty cool especially when it is in siege mode. The canon feels solid and pivots up and down for a great aim. The vehicle also has 2 stabilizers at the back. These hold the vehicle firmly on the ground when the cannon is firing.

For the figurines, this Halo Mega Bloks tank brings Spartan Alice-130 and 2 other Brute Minors. Though they appear a little skinny than those in other Halo Mega Bloks sets, we found then super poseable and well-detailed.

Key Features

  • 8-wheel tank with lockdown system

  • Heavy-duty pivoting canon

  • 3 compartments

  • Stabilizers for siege mode

  • Figurines: Alice-130 and 2 Minor Brutes

UNSC Scorpion

Halo Mega UNSC Scorpion is another impressive halo reach vehicles for those who want to expand their on- ground attacks against the Covenant. Well, this one isn’t among the latest releases having being released in 2009. What makes it one of the best Halo Mega sets 2017 is its iconic design and versatile maneuverability.

This set has 287 pieces. So it shouldn’t take you more than hours to build. Its bricks are impressively colored to resemble a real war tank, and it uses a set of 4 tracks for movement. What’s good is that each of the tracks has independent articulation. As such, going over rocks and enemy blocks becomes flawless. Again, it has a 3600 rotating turret that also aims vertically to counter air attacks. It also has another permanently fixed secondary machine gun.


  • 287 pieces
  • Buildable tank with 4 independently-moving treads and opening hatch
  • Multi-directional turret plus a secondary machine gun
  • Figurines: UNSC Spartan, Red Spartan, Elite Squad


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Halo Covert Ops UNSC Wolverine

This is yet another very awesome Halo Mega Bloks Wolverine sets to have. Covert Ops UNSC Wolverine is an anti-air vehicle with great maneuverability. What we like most about this unit is that it combines treads and 2 military-grade wheels for excellent movement in the roughest terrains.

Its unmatchable weaponry clearly shows how hell-bent the Covert Ops is to destroy the enemy territories. It has an articulating M260 Multiple Rocket Launch System for air attacks and 2 other side machine guns for land attacks. You’ll also be delighted to know that it’s fitted with IR Signature Reduction and the most revered Active Camo technology. This sub-zero camouflage helps you creep into your enemy camps and territories with no detection.


  • 330 pieces
  • Buildable UNSC Wolverine with treads and wheels
  • Available in 2 designs Wolverine Green and Artic Wolverine
  • Articulating anti-air M260 Rocket Launch System
  • Figurines: Spartan Hazop

UNSC Wolverine Charge FDY55

UNSC Wolverine Charge is hands down, one of the most powerful halo lego sets. It’s also among the latest halo mega bloks sets for 2017. This one is a bit bigger in shape than Covert Ops above but also quite eye-catching. You’ll want to place it where your guests can have a clear view of it.

It consists of 759 pieces. Like the Covert Ops, the Charge scorches its way through the enemy lines using a pair of rolling rubber treads. It also has super thick indestructible front wheels. But what’s more eye-catching is its highly detailed and articulated pair of rear launchers. There are also 6 other launchers to add to its firepower.


  • 759 pieces
  • Buildable UNSC Wolverine Charge: has a compartment and 8 launchers
  • 3 super-poseable figurines; 1 UNSC Marine, 1 Hellbringer, and 1 Banished Brute
  • Weapons: 1Flamethrower, an Assault Rifle, and 1 Brute Shot

5. Halo UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra

If you are looking for the best all halo vehicles set with in-game lights and sounds, the UNSC Cobra might be the one for you. True to its name, this is a real anti-armor vehicle with a serious firepower onboard. You might also find it quite a good deal if you are just starting out and you want to add several toys to your collection at a go. It brings the vehicle, 3 weapons, 3 troops, and a Shade turret.

There are 460 pieces in total that come in a nice package. A special feature about the Halo UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra is that it’s a dual-mode battle tank. It has 2 30mm rail guns for use while on mobile mode. It also has a huge turret with 105mm rail gun that counterattacks Covenant troops and vehicles while in lock-down mode.


  • 460 pieces
  • Buildable UNSC Anti-Armor with rotating cannons. Has dual mode
  • Has in-game lights and sounds
  • Figurines: UNSC Spartan (MK VI yellow)
  • Covenant troops: Brute Stalker in Blue and Elite Storm in Crimson
  • Weapons: Spike Grenade, Plasma Rifle DMR, Mauler

Mega Bloks Halo Warthog Resistance

Halo Mega Bloks Warthog Resistance is another iconic toy from Mega Costrux. This set is getting a lot of hype from the Halo Community. So we figured out we should throw it up for you. Before digging deeper here, I must admit that this is one of the best warthog toys that we’ve assembled so far.

It has almost everything that you would expect from a typical Warthog. For instance, each wheel has an independent suspension gear. This is great for those dynamic shelf poses. In our opinion, Resistance is sleeker than other Warthogs. Mega Construx appears to have given its details a bit more attention especially in its color palette and making it more real. For instance, it has removable nitrogen fuel canisters, a bullet chain, and an improved handle.


  • Buildable UNSC Halo Warthog Resistance
  • Vehicle has 4 removable canisters and a swiveling turret
  • Figures- 2 Spartans, 1 Covenant Elite Zealot
  • Weapons: Plasma sword, assault rifle, carbine

Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Cobra Clash

There is no other better way of engaging the Covenant forces into a full rage war than with the UNSC Cobra Clash set. The vehicle in this set is quite similar to the original UNSC Cobra. It still brings the side and rear stabilizers found in the original version. It also has a bevy of moving parts which make it fun to play around with it. However, the major difference between the 2 is that the newest unit isn’t electronic.

If you have already assembled the original version, this new model might be a little easier for you. Fortunately, it brings the Covenant Turret which should add some good challenge into the building process.

UNSC Cobra Clash also brings you multiple micro action figures to add to your fighting troops. The 4 figs are well detailed and super-poseable. They also have removable armors.


  • 648 pieces
  • Buildable UNSC Cobra tank has stabilizer legs, rubber wheels, and a swiveling turret
  • Figs- 1 marine, 1 Spartan Copperhead, 1 Elite Minor, and 1 Grunt Minor

Halo H3 Deluxe Warthog

Halo H3 Deluxe Warthog is another set worth considering if you’re looking for a way to diversify your collection. It’s also one of the most affordable halo mega vehicle sets. As such, it’s great for Halo Mega fans on budget too.

This set adds more taste to your collection by creating an arctic environment. The theme here is to capture the blue flag by ripping through the frozen icy terrain. The Halo H3 Deluxe Warthog is specially designed to give you success in the missions and also to overcome any enemy troops that come its way.

It rolls on 4 all-terrain wheels all which have independent suspensions for easy movement. Again, this vehicle tots a rotating turret gun with a chain of ammunition. At the front end, Halo 3 Warthog features a chain system and a rugged hook that you can use to tow other vehicles.


  • Buildable arctic environment
  • Buildable Warthog with a rotating turret
  • Blue flag with printed detail
  • 3 easily poseable Spartans

Halo Covenant Wraith

Coming up next on this list of the best halo vehicle set reviews is the Halo Covenant Wraith. This toy introduces a brand new generation wraith that aims at giving your Covies a big boost in upgrades. First and foremost, this set of 637 pieces has a favorable price that makes it a good buy. Holy Covenant Wraith comprises the vehicle and a cannon assembly.  The colors that have been used on each of the 2 units make it a truly fantastic set while giving it the familiar Mega Blok sets look.

In our opinion, the new model is far much better than the original set. It has attractively curved bloks, green EOD, and superb in-game colors. The vehicle also has a pair of swiveling Fuel Rod Cannons that can make some good attacks both in the air and the ground. Again, the cannon in this set has a great new look. Halo Mega has retouched its housing area, and it now feels more solid than before.


  • 637 pieces
  • Buildable Halo Covenant Wraith
  • Covenant figs: Elite in Combat Gold, Elite in Commando Gold

UNSC Spade VS Skirmisher

The UNSC Spade Vs. Skirmisher mega bloks set was one of the best toy sets early 2012. It’s still a highly recommendable model several years down the line.

One reason why we feature this set on this list is due to the cool rare figures that it brings. This is, in fact, what makes it worth the purchase. It boasts the most sought-after Not-Jorge micro action figure.

This set takes 204 pieces only. It should, therefore, be a quick build. The Spade is an all-terrain vehicle that is converted into a military transport for the UNSC Trooper and Spartan. It tots a weaponry box at the back that has a set of weaponry. What makes this toy a fantastic set is its great pricing. We were also impressed by its new color bloks including brown, orange, and light blue.


  • Buildable UNSC Spade
  • Buildable Covenant Skirmisher
  • Buildable UNSC Trooper and Grenadier Spartan
  • Includes detailed weaponry

Mega Bloks Halo Scorpion's Sting

Anyone looking for a halo mega bloks tank to add on to their collection would be better off with the Scorpion’s Sting. This model is pretty cheap at a few bucks below the 30-dollar mark. However, it still brings you enough firepower to counter air and ground attacks from the Covis. In fact, with this model, will be taking the sting right at your enemies’ backyard.

Scorpion’s Sting takes 616 pieces to build. It is versatile, reliable, and impressively maneuverable. It features a good protection from tones of titanium and ceramic battle plates that make it hard for the Covenant Weaponry to bring it down. Again, this tank features a rotating turret for air attacks and other tanks. 


  • Buildable UNSC Scorpion with articulated tracks and ceramic and titanium battle plates
  • Has a rotating turret and secondary machine gun
  • Figurines: Spartan Buck, Protector, and Covenant Elite
  • Armory: Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle, SMG, and Plasma Cannon


That’s it folks! So what is your Halo Mega Collection lacking? Are you looking for a tank to crash the Covenant resistance beneath the treads? Do you have a Warthog to transport your troops to and from the battle fields? Well, that’s for you to decide.

What’s your say about these halo mega bloks vehicles? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.


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