Halo Mega Bloks Wireless Attack Mantis – Review and Guide

Mega Bloks Halo Wireless Attack Mantis Product Review

Looking for the perfect gift for your child for their birthday or the next holiday event? Look no further than the Mega Bloks Halo Wireless Attack Mantis. This toy will keep your children entertained for hours. Mantis Attack is for children aged 8-15, remember to make sure that you are buying this toy for the appropriate kids. It has lots of small parts so you need to make sure that you don’t get it for a small child.

Get ready to win every battle with your friends! If you find yourself with a Attack Mantis, no one will be able to conquer you on the battlefield. Destroy all your enemy targets with the 5 shot machine gun. Between the armour and gun you will be unstoppable on the battlefield with all your friends.


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Mega Bloks Mantis Setup

Once you have your Attack Mantis you just need to set it up. This is all part of the fun of the toy. It is fairly easy to set up. Children don’t have any trouble with the set up. It comes with 120 pieces and includes a wireless remote control.

Really cool remote control included

The box says that the product comes with a small miniature of the “Chief” figure. Make sure that you follow the directions all throughout the setup process because at times it is a little difficult. Make sure that you help your child with the batteries because that part is a little harder to do.

Miniature Master Chief Figure included

The Pros

  • Comes with a Machine Gun that actually shoots
  • Equip with armour and small bullets (5 bullets for the machine gun)
    Comes with the remote control to control body of the product
  • Shoots left and right with the help of the controls
  • Machine gun automatically recoils itself
  • Lights and noises
  • Fires a gun which makes it more fun than regular Mega Blok toys.

The Cons

  • Slight accuracy issues – does not always fire where you want it to
    Sometimes lights and noises do not work properly
  • Does not come with batteries so you need to buy them yourself. 
    If lights and sounds or fun does not work, make sure to send it back to get another.


In conclusion this toy seems like the best choice for your child. It has a fun set up process but unlike other mega blok toys, it continues to be fun after you have finished the setup process. The children will love to play with this automatic toy.

You can buy it for them so that they can dominate the other kids in the battlefield. Having a toy that has a working machine gun, is way cooler than most of the toys that don’t include working things. If you have a child that loves mega blok or Halo then the Mantis attack would be the best choice for them. Surprise your kids with their new favorite toy.

Just remember to be careful who you buy this for because it does contain many small parts that are not suitable to some children.

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