Halo Heroes Series Figure Review

This series of action figures made by Mega Bloks, called Halo Heroes, consists of six figures, some of which are named characters and some are just generic armored figures. They are highly detailed figures, with some of the best paint jobs that Mega Block has done. Their retail price is about five dollars for each. Now, we’re going to take a look at each one of them.

Halo Heroes Series 1



Spartan Defender

First place we got the Spartan Defender in a lime-green armor which features highly detailed painting and some silver-colored details. His weapon sports some very well done paint job in black, silver, and water green tones. It comes with a black display stand with its name on it. On the back of the package (and this applies to all the other figures) you can see the other five figures. This one is not an official character or the Halo series.


Spartan Thorne

Next up we have the Spartan Thorne in his blue armor with very well done white accent centered across the front part of it. It features a forerunner weapon, which is black and has some very carefully painted red details on it. The display stand has its name on it as well. This character has made several appearances in the Halo universe, so it is an official character.

Master Chief

The third of this Heroes is the one called Master Chief in a nice green armor with red accents and a white stamp of the number 117 on the left side of his chest. His weapon is a silver-colored AR, with some details in black. Its display stand reads “Master Chief” and below that it says “Mark IV Armor” (all of this in white letters on top the black color of the stand, as with all of the other figures).

Buck (ODST)

Known for his charisma and good sense of humor, fan-favorite Buck from ODST is the next one on the list (it is worth mentioning it has no particular order). This friend is a very well done action figure, painted with different shades of gray, it even has his fingertips painted with some kind of orange color! Again, the details are amazing. His AR is pretty similar to that of Master Chief, and has the same colors.

Now we have to deal with Spartan Orbital, a Hero with a light-blue colored armor and the sign of a white skull on his helmet. His weapon has an incredible amount of detail as it sports different shades of gray and green. This one, like the Spartan Defender, are not official characters.

Spartan Vale

Last but not least we have the Spartan Vale with a bright red-colored armor with a blue armor (which is present in almost all of them). His weapon is a SMG in silver and black. It comes with a purple-colored plasma pistol, but the package doesn’t seem to let us look at it. In the Halo series, this character is a female.

Overall, the job made by Mega Bloks, mainly with details and painting, is a really good one, especially on the non-official characters (Spartan Defender and Spartan Orbital), which include armor details than are not common in the official character of the series. We hope this review helps you if you’re interested in the series.

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