Halo Airsoft Gun Review

Airsoft just got a lot more exciting !

This is a truly great Halo addition, perfect for shooting those aliens who are to get you. It a well-thought out airsoft rifle that looks pretty much like the real thing, and it would not be a good idea to brandish it about at protest marches. Just be careful with your gun.

That said, your endorphins would be racing about now. A gun that looks awesome and fires rounds just like a normal rifle, would be something that any Halo fan would immediately jump for. It’s worthwhile noting that while the pellets haven’t resulted in any fatalities, there have been some injuries, mainly from those who are notably not die-hard Halo fans, but those who are just plain showing off.

Some details of the assault rifle are:

  • The magazine will have to be locked into the rifle for it to operate. The screen will go from 95 to 0, and the magazine will need changing.
  • If you want to go from semi-auto to full auto, this is done with a press of a button. There is also an integrated flash light. (powered by 1x 1.5V AAA battery).
  • The rifle is geared to run at 35 fps.
  • With packaging, the rifle weighs in at 4.4Kg to 6Kg

Your shots on the screen will appear as bright fluorescent yellow bursts on impact – and from this moment onwards you are totally hooked. The splatter targets make it very easy to see your shots at a distance. The rifle is perfect for shooting outdoors or indoors.

This is excellent for target practice, shooting competitions and self-defense. If you take note of any of the reviews online, you will clearly note the impact that this rifle has had. Look at one or two of the YouTube tutorials and you can easily see why. Somebody claimed, “I love youuuuuuu” and “How could you be an out-and-out Halo fan and not want this?”.

So, if anyone does not know the Halo games – which is a dumb statement in itself – you’ll know that shooting enemies plays a huge role. That’s part of the excitement about most games. We love to get the baddies, it’s as plain and simple as that, and the more we get, the better. That been part of the game deal since Pacman, and that’s going back some.

The way you shoot and just how accurate you are what make a great Halo player. This will become really evident when Halo moves into the VR world, which is going to be happening this fall.

The big pro of this rifle is that it is used like the real thing. It looks like the real thing and its shape looks like it came straight out of the future, which is the whole point, not so?

The big con of this addition is that foolhardy people will use it unwisely and cause injuries. I would prompt Halo to include armor and a visor to go with this (as users have asked for) just for safety’s sake.

Final verdict: a big YES but only if used wisely.

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  1. Where can I get that gun I’m a airsofter and I want to step up my game I’m new in town and I want to have a bad ass gun at my next game email me back asap


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