E3 2017: 343 Industries might bring past Halo games to Xbox One X

Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference suffered from a severe lack of Halo, which was to be expected – 343 Industries said as much before E3 2017. However, it looks like the developers are up to more than just working on the ‘good’ looking Halo 6.

343 Industries might be bringing past Halo games to the Xbox One X! Perhaps we will finally see the Halo 3 Anniversary game they keep shooting down.

Phil Spencer commented on where their flagship franchises, Halo and Gears of War, were doing the Microsoft E3 2017 presentation in an interview with GameSpot. While Gears was at the event in some respects, the mainline Halo series was not (Halo Wars 2 was there, though):

“On the Halo and Gears thing specifically, I was proud that we were able to show off 42 games and not show Halo and Gears, ’cause people know we are working on Halo and Gears. Those are important franchises for us.

“Gears is getting an update to 4K and we were showing in the arena at kind of a special section where people could go to see Xbox One X content in play. On 343, I was just down there two weeks ago – I can say they are doing some great work exercising what Xbox One X can do both on some of their past games, as well as looking forward. We will probably have more to talk about that soon.”

According to Spencer, we can expect to hear more on what 343 Industries is up to “soon,” in the interim, we can listen to the Head of Xbox chatting about the power of 4K.


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