The Best Halo Energy Sword Replica

Mattel Boomco Energy Sword9 / 10
Anodized Halo Sword 8 / 10

Halo is quite likely one of the most iconic first person shooting video games of the last 2 decades. Developed by Microsoft and Mac Soft games, and released for the XBOX gaming system in 2001 as one of its very first proposals as a new gaming console, the game has been through several editions and spin offs until the latest Halo Wars 2 to be released this year. Halo energy sword gains its popularity since the first launch Halo on Xbox One.

Halo Cosplay

Everybody knows about Halo, even the non-gamers; the same way everybody has probably seen the iconic Covenant Energy Sword, the exclusive weapon of the “Sangheili” one of the game’s warrior races, which are widely known as elite warriors due to their unbreakable attitude and combat experience. You could’ve seen it in the game itself, a parody video, or even a cosplay!


The Energy Blade is viewed as a holy weapon, making the wielder pride upon its skills with the plasma sword. This is also a reason why only high level aristocrat warriors are permitted to wield it, and sword wielders are not eligible for marriage.

Better known as Type-1 Energy Sword in the Halo universe, the weapon consists of a curved hilt, housing an energy storage module and a device for a plasma projection that forms the blade. It is composed of 2 partially ionized blades of free moving electron based gas, increasing the heat emission and overall cutting capacity of the blade, pretty similar to Star Wars’ iconic light sabers.

Today we’ll be checking out a couple of interesting proposals by Mattel and the Anodized Energy Sword Halo by Anytime Swords, in order to come up with a Halo Toy Sword Review and help you choose the best one for your next Halloween party or cosplay convention.

1. Mattel Halo Energy Sword Toy

This one looks really good from a scratch. Just gazing at the boxed package was exciting. The combination of colors and size nailed it just right.

This one is distributed by Game Stop for only 40 bucks. Seems like a quite reasonable price for a toy this size that has a compressible plastic design with 20 integrated pulsating led lights and sound effects controlled by a button right at the handle, which turns it into a huge pile of fun in the dark. It also helps the substantial hazard reduction it represents to make it of a compressible material, making it a hard to break toy. Definitely a Christmas gift any young one would enjoy!


  • It’s very light, making it great for all ages.
  • The compressible plastic design turns it into a safe-to-play-with toy. Reducing any potential threats or consequences of intense playtime.
  • The overall price is very reasonable for the kind of well-crafted toy it is.


  • The battery based electronic system requires the supervision of an older one to avoid hazards, where it could probably be using a rechargeable internal battery pack to make things safer.

SCORE: 9.0


2. Anodized Halo Energy sword replica

AnyTimeBlades also came up with a really interesting version of the Halo 5 Energy Sword. With nothing less than 29” of pure resemblance to the one at the videogames, it is made of steel in order to have a more visually accurate replica.

The Anodized Steel Sword includes a wall mount and a really comfortable grip, and you can get it for only $45 bucks with free shipping.

This one’s definitely not something I would buy for any children as a Christmas gift. Instead, it is more of a collection asset that you can have as part of your room’s decoration. The steel design also makes it quite heavier than its Mattel opponent, but in my opinion they are 2 different proposals of the same virtual weapon for different purposes.

The weight of the Anodized Sword turns it a bit cumbersome for cosplay and costume purposes, so I would say this one’s solely for exhibition, at least as a safe way to keep it.


  • The steel design creates a more accurate resemblance and longer durability.
  • Brings a wall mount to exhibit it anywhere in your home as a collection piece.
  • Works great for photo sessions or fan-made videos.
  • The forging is flawless and looks great, making it very affordable.


  • The steel design and its weight turn it into something dangerous for children to handle.
  • Not recommended for long time spans with a costume or cosplay.


Both options are wonderful reproductions of iconic Halo energy sword that have different formats and constructions for different purposes. If handled carefully, you may also get certainly rid of any complications or downsides.

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