Halo Heroes Series Figure Review

This series of action figures made by┬áMega Bloks, called Halo Heroes, consists of six figures, some of which are named characters and some are just generic armored figures. They are highly detailed figures, with some of the best paint jobs that Mega Block has done. Their retail price is about five dollars for each. Now, … Read more

Latest Halo Vehicle Mega Bloks Sets in 2018

The Halo fan community was excited to welcome Mega Bloks latest series, the Halo 5 vehicles and all the goodies it had for them. We were all heads over heels in love with the UNSC Pelican Gunship and the Covenant Spirit Dropship among other irresistibly heavy-duty machines. But even before the elation is over, Halo … Read more

Best Halo Mega Bloks and Lego Set of All Time

Halo Mega Construx Background and History Barely 4 years after acquiring Mega Bloks, Mattel- the owner of Halo Toys is giving the brand a whole new look. Mattel acquired Mega Bloks- a Canadian toy brand- in 2014 for $460 million. This year, Halo Mega Bloks got a name change through the resurrection of the Construx … Read more