Best Halo Halloween Costume Review 2018

Halo Halloween Costume  You’ve heard the lady! Move like you’ve got a purpose and choose your suit like it’s the last Halloween on Earth! Witches, vampires, six Harley Quins on the square meter – all of these will be seen during the upcoming event, known as Halloween, the feast of the undead (and little children … Read more

Halo Airsoft Gun Review

Airsoft just got a lot more exciting ! This is a truly great Halo addition, perfect for shooting those aliens who are to get you. It a well-thought out airsoft rifle that looks pretty much like the real thing, and it would not be a good idea to brandish it about at protest marches. Just … Read more

The Best Halo Energy Sword Replica

The Best Halo Energy Sword Replica Halo is quite likely one of the most iconic first person shooting video games of the last 2 decades. Developed by Microsoft and Mac Soft games, and released for the XBOX gaming system in 2001 as one of its very first proposals as a new gaming console, the game … Read more

Best Halo Nerf Guns 2019

The Best and Latest Halo Nerf Toy Guns Comparison The Halo game series has a large number of ardent followers, not just due to the concept, the graphics and the action, but also due to the various types of special and disastrous guns used during the game. The Halo nerf guns are the most popular … Read more