Oct 292010


In RC Master’s words:

When talking about how to tackle Tip of the Spear on Mythic, people would often discuss strategies on how to deal with the BXR facility and the Zealot held within. My response was always: what Zealot?

This run is another product of my Mythic Quest on Reach. Many of the techniques and shortcuts are pulled straight from my experience with All Skulls On. Then smoothed out and sped up for the comparatively ‘easy’ Legendary difficulty.

Right off the bat, you can spawn the Pelican to come with the Rocket hog pretty quick. I’m not exactly sure what the trigger is, but it has something to do with killing those FRG Shades, and getting past a certain point on the ground. I’m off to the first Tyrant gun in around 30 seconds.

At the gun, you could probably speed this up by being more aggressive and getting an angle to hit the core directly with the rockets but, bombarding the turret from afar is very safe. 8 bursts of 6 rockets (48 rockets!!!) kills the thing. Then I need to get to the next area to trigger the phantom to come down with the portable bridge asap. Hanging around would just delay the process.

I took a bit more damage than I had anticipated here, but fortunately there is a convinient health pack on the way :)

Outside the BXR facility, you don’t even need to kill anything but the skirmishers; its possible to simply sneak past. I only did so they definitely wouldn’t bother me.

Up the stairs, using the girders to jump underneath the walkway through to the second area skips a bunch of enemies and several spawns for them, leaving me with just a couple of Skirmishers to deal with. High Value Target huh? Didn’t even see it; so I’ll stay focused alright Carter.

I picked up the Plasma Pistol to deal with the randomness associated with enemy spawns at the second Tyrant gun. Sometimes there will be two Wraiths (and I would have used the PP to hijack one and then use it to clear the area). Sometimes one of those Wraiths throws itself off the cliff. That happened this time, so I just cleared the Jackals (since they need to die anyway) and boosted up the little cliff to take out the gun quick.

This has two effects, one being the arrival of a Pelican with several marines that can soften the enemies for you, the other being that all the enemies in the area will congregate around the second Wraith, making it a simple matter to clear them out.

In the final ‘Spire’ area of the level, the only enemies that actually need to die are those in the control room of the spire itself. I rush up the right side, killing the lone Grunt there to secure a Plasma Pistol for the Sword Elite, then jetpack onto a broken pipeline to make it to onto the spire without getting shot too much! A couple of skirmishers decide my route is where they want to retreat to, but I do my best to show them why they shouldn’t have bothered as quick as possible.

At the top of the Spire, going to the left door heads off the group of Grunts that like to wander out that way, then smacking a headshot in the FRG Grunt enrages the Elite. Come meet my Plasma Pistol Mr. Elite! Every enemy has to be dead to activate the switch, so a quick look around and a headshot on the second FRG Grunt signals the end of the level.

In all, its 9:03 in total length. Anyone want to try knocking off 4 seconds to bring it under 9?


Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary difficulty in 9:03 by RC Master

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