Sep 092010

Rorcin and BishopOfAngst waste no time getting the job done in their speed run of ONI Alpha site. They blow the bridge as soon as possible, and mow down any Covenant forces who dare enter the control room. BishopOfAngst’s pistol shoots so fast at times it sounds like a machine gun. BishopOfAngst even stays behind to mow down the drones so that his partner can get to the top even faster. After their heoric victory, the team can’t wait to end the level, and meet the Pelican halfway down with a nice brute shot/hammer combo. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride!
-Written by: LotsofLuck

Halo 3 ODST ONI Alpha Site 2 Player Easy in 8:11 by Rorcin and BishopOfAngst

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