Jul 032011


Did you feel that there only being 30 seconds between the Legendary and Easy Times for Coastal Highway was too little? Good news! Now it’s nearly a minute!

The most frustrating part of Coastal is that the vast majority of the level is gated, with a minimum time determined by the speed of the Oliphant. If it weren’t for that you could get through this level very quickly indeed!

On Easy difficulty, there isn’t much of a threat to either yourself or the Oliphant so essentially you have to entertain yourself while waiting for it to catch up; I tried to do this through most of the level by getting splatters or using slightly different means to dispatch the minimal opposition. Like giving Buck an FRG!

Actually, it saves a bit of time giving it to him now, rather than at the Firefight area. The opposition isn’t such that you need the combination of his (sub-par) turret skills and your epic driving skills to get through.

Ultimately, I felt the tank was a bit overkill on the last few segments, so grabbed another guass ‘hog along the way instead. It’s also useful to have one anyway, for the very last section of the highway, so you can speed down the final ramp.

That massive slowdown in the video at 14:35 in the video actually is in game. It’s a fairly regular occurance when speed running this level and I believe it has to do with the ‘hog overlapping with the invisible barrier which spawns to block the way back to the highway; so thats why I grenaded it.

On the first wave, the Pistol is only good at headshots (which it is really good at) but when those Grunts got away, it would have been much more valuable to have a Carbine instead. I remember to pick one up after that awfulness.

Oh, and I get 2 Killionaires in this run :)

–Main improvements–
As said, since much of this level is gated, the main improvements have to come at the start or end of the level. The start is already optimised since its just a straight-line run. The time saved came from the fight at the end where I had a much tighter strategy; essentially spawn-killing the Brutes and Grunts by getting in close and using the Rockets.

I kinda messed up on the second wave a little and had my rocket locations out of whack. Fortunately I don’t think I lost too much time there.

–Room for improvement?–
Not much; just minor optimisations on the final fight. Unless you could find a way through the doors early! Anyone got a Forklift handy?

~ RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Coastal Highway Easy Difficulty in 18:33 by RC Master

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