High Speed Halo General Rules

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We are aware that each game/system combination has their advantages and disadvantages, and there may also be differences between the various hardware configurations within each console. These can sometimes lead to game play advantages favouring one system over another. For example, the PAL Halo CE fall timer differing from the NTSC fall timer, clipping through the window on the PAL Xbox Arbiter, and some DVD drives allowing faster load times.

We understand that some game/system combinations may seem to have an unfair advantage but they also suffer shortcomings in other aspects of the game. For instance, the Library doors open slower on the PAL Xbox.

We further understand that speed run records performed on one game/system combination may be unobtainable on another. This is an unfortunate situation but, there will be no special consideration given to account for these differences.

The fastest run provided to us is considered to be the World Record regardless of system or hardware configuration. Period.

Halo CE and Halo CE:A are considered to be different games and a speed run record performed on one game will not count toward the equivalent record of the other. That being said, Halo CE:A records must not be more than 5% longer than their existing Halo CE counterparts. For example, if the Halo CE Silent Cartographer Heroic record is 4:01, we will not accept anything over 4:13 for Halo CE:A. The only exception to the 5% rule is also an exception to the game/system combination rule; in cases where the run is longer due to the fact that the differing game/system did not allow certain tricks to be performed, the 5% rule is waived.


Speed runs suspected of being:

  • a difficulty level other than specified (Easy claiming to be Heroic, etc.),
  • edited (or any other means of video tampering),
  • or played by means of modified game code or hardware, or by other nefarious means unknown to us at this time

will be classified as an Unverified Run.

They will remain posted on the site but will not show on the World Records Table until verified. The runner will be notified by private message or email and will be provided the opportunity to either defend or pull their run. (Segmented speed runs are obviously excluded from the edited portion of the rule)

First Strike – Speed runs which violate one of the above conditions will be summarily rejected with a warning.

Second Strike – A second violation will result in a site ban, and all of your previous speed run records and videos will be discarded.

Third Strike – There is no Third Strike. This isn’t Baseball.

Don’t cheat!