Feb 072014

High Speed Halo is evolving yet again and new areas of focus are opening up.

We will now be covering and reporting the stories behind the latest Halo speed running achievements.

For starters, these three new categories have opened up and we are looking for Journalists and Reporters to keep speed running fans up to date with the latest news, achievements, and even gossip. (The names of the articles are subject to change)

That Just Happened – Keep up with the latest news from around the Halo Speed Running world. Content will include, but is not limited to, complete speed run videos of recent World Records. Video and text tutorials including descriptions of newly discovered shortcuts and techniques. Tutorials for fundamental and established techniques for new runners. Selected video clips, extracted from speed runs, which highlight new skips and techniques.

Last night, on Twitch. . . – Keep up to date with the latest happenings in the world of Twitch.tv. This entertaining and lighthearted look at the world behind the world records is not restricted to actual speed run records and attempts, but will include anything, ANYTHING, that happens during Twitch live streams and chats including new World Records, fail clips and resets, and interesting bits of conversation extracted from Twitch chat windows.

TAG! I’m it – Interviewing Halo speed runners during their world record breaking attempts, and immediately after they achieve their personal best or world record beating speed runs. These are text and/or videos recorded live over Skype and Twitch.tv. Interviewers will either schedule interviews with runners to be held during live streams, or setup and record Skype video calls in private, or hold impromptu interviews (with the runner’s permission) by posing questions in text form over either Twitch or Skype chat during and after speed run attempts. Once established, this will evolve into a weekly Live interview show and speed run showcase.

Any questions or suggestions? A forum post has been opened to accept applications for Journalists and Reporter positions (you don’t need to be a speed runner to apply), answer your questions, and receive your input.

High Speed Halo is evolving yet again and new areas of focus are opening up.

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