Dec 102010

EnsnardedCadaver and BishopOfAngst tag-team their way through Kizingo Blvd. on Easy, with tricks abound!

While EnsnaredCadaver is loading up on high powered weaponry and vehicles, BishopOfAngst books it through the streets on a stolen Ghost; teleporting his partner ahead at precise intervals. When EnsnaredCadaver grabs a Scorpion, they teleport the entire thing a couple of hundred metres up the bulevard; straight through a closed door!

After a breif instance of team killing some Marines (its all in the name of speed), they lure a Banshee down a side-alley and work around Bungie’s anti-hijack restriction to pilot the craft. Stolen vehicle in possession, EnsnaredCadaver squeezes it through the invisible barriers to bypass the Wraith engagement entirely and then triggers the final waves of Phantoms to drop into the courtyard.

With an explosive mix of BishopOfAngst’s Rockets and EnsnaredCadver’s Banshee bomb, nothing lasts more than a couple of seconds after it hits the ground. The level is over in just 3:57.

That is a nice ride Dutch. I especially like the exploding effect….

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kizingo Blvd. 2 Player Easy difficulty in 3:57 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

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