Sep 162011

Dark Devastation did a Zero Shot of Winter Contingency a while ago about it took around 16 minutes. I was sure it could be improved so I set about to do just that.

As a Zero Shot, I of course can’t fire a Plasma Pistol so that means no Falcon skip. Instead I use a combination of the SPADE to mow down enemies at the riverside trooper location, a generous application of Grenades and the occasional melee. I lost some time here when the stupid Falcons decided it was a good idea to crash into one another!

At the outpost I used what grenades I had to break up the enemies as much as possible. Then did a few very tentative beatdowns, running in and out of cover to whittle the enemies down.

Once inside, the Zealot in the final room has a Sword (which is allowed on Zero Shot) so there is no point trying to deal with the Concussion Zealot in the hallway. I rush up the side to push him back and then tentatively begin meleeing and grenading the rest.

After luring the Sword Zealot to attack Jorge, the final room is a done deal since I just rush in and cut the rest down.

Final time is 13:33.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency Legendary Zero Shot in 13:33 by RC Master

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