May 182012

RC Master returns again to Sword Base on Legendary, cuts what little fat remains, and brings a new time of 7:41!

In his own words:

The biggest problem with ONI: Sword Base on Legendary compared to Heroic is that you only get 2 Target Locator shots for the entire mission. So even if you were to rush to the gate, you’d have to sacrifice either time or get lucky somewhere else.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved however, and I take a few tricks from the Heroic run to make this happen: better fighting in the courtyard, grabbing the Rockets on the way out rather than back in, being more aggressive in the parking lot and finally knowing where the enemies are coming from better in the broken part of Sword at the end.

Luckily on Legendary the Elite in the security hallway carries a Concussion Rifle, so I can use this to scale a pillar next to Jun and don’t have to deal with any enemies in the Atrium.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base Legendary in 7:41 by RC Master

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