Jan 162012


RC Master improves the Legendary time for The Package by 1:07 with this run.

The Ghost at Farragut Stn. being in an agreeable place to board and use to speed past the area seems to happen (for me) less than half the time. Like the Heroic run, I opted to sprint through the area which, surprisingly, seemed to work out ok. It is still luck-based though; it’s quite regular on Heroic but you can get cut to shreds very easily on Legendary.

I tried to be as quick and smooth as I could through most of the Scorpion section and Sword Base; the real time-sink is the fight at the Glacier.

Getting through the first wave fast seems to be a combination of killing the enemeis and activating the turrets (for some reason), so I make a point to have all the turrets active by the time I’m done with the enemies. The turrets help kill enemies anyway so it’s worth having them up.

In the middle of the Glacier fight there I attempted to hijack a new Banshee and failed at it miserably. I had to then make up the rest of the fight as I went along! I still had a DMR and PP and I vaguely remembered that a Spartan Laser killed a Hunter in two shots so I picked that up from in front of the doors and made use of it.

I ended up not doing too badly I thought, but you could surely do better if you had an actual pre-determined plan in place.

~ RC Master

New time is 16:37.

Halo: Reach The Package Legendary in 16:37 by RC Master