Nov 042010

Note: This run was the basis for the 3:48 run.

In RC Master’s words:
The Quest for Solo Legendary All Skulls On (A.K.A. “Mythic” difficulty) turned up a number of interesting tricks and glitches as players tried to make their way through on one of the hardest conceivable modes of play. One of these, discovered by the first person to beat Reach in this way; Legendary Smile, is quite useful to speedrunning Nightfall since it allows you to skip the last third of the enemies entirely.

By using a forklift Truck and aligning it with the tiny gap in between the two doors immediately after the ‘Pylon’/Power House area, and dismounting, you can slip between them right to the other side! From there, you can simply run to the end of the level with no resistance. This trick may remind veteran speedrun watchers of using the Warthog to slip through the door into the bowels of the Cartographer complex in the level ‘Silent Cartographer’ all the way back in Halo 1.

Armed with this trick, a few other shortcuts and tips from the Nightfall Mythic completionists that had gone before me, and the sprint armour ability, I breezed through this level quite easily. A few refinements later, and I had the run which we present to you today. Its only 4 minutes and 15 seconds long, whereas previous completions of this level on Mythic ran in the order of 40 minutes to an hour.

At the beginning of the run, I only kill the Elite so he doesn’t spot me as I go round the bend and damage my precious shielding (which I need for the next section). I kill a Grunt here too in order to grab a Plasma Pistol from them in case I had lost shields, but not health, and needed to damage myself with its Area of Effect in order to pick up a health-pack down the road. Turns out I didn’t need it.

Using the rocks and trees as visual cover to approach the next area, and then sprinting around the balcony, means the enemies barely realise you’re there. Moving past the gate; sprinting through the small group of Grunts, then up the stairs and behind the emplacement of Plasma Turret means you avoid being shot in the back quite as much as if you’d just gone for the ravine straight from the doorway.

Yes, I manage to get on top of the level here for a few seconds. Unfortunately, there are several hard and push-back invisible walls around here meaning you can’t really go any further than I did.

In the Gueta area; yes, I am chased by one of them. Fortunately they lose interest as I get to the exit. You could take a more direct route through the centre of the area, but I didn’t want to risk it.

Save civis? No thanks.

At the Pylon/Power House area, the only one you really need to kill is that Elite patrolling the bridge. I killed more because I was a bit paranoid about the Forklift waking them up, though it seems to not bother their slumber one bit. Also: if you take more than one try with the Forklift, Jun has a nasty habit of just shooting everything and you can very quickly take too much fire and get blown up. If its not a speedrun, you can always backtrack to the area before the Gueta’s and bring a Forklift from there :)

Behind the gate, there is a Phantom waiting just below the lip of the cliff on the left hand side, but going through the gate completely skips their trigger, as well as the trigger for all the other enemies and shades in this area. Sprint to victory! Oh; and jumping on the cliff at the end there triggers the cutscene slightly earlier, something slYnki found.

Editor Notes: You may wish to check the time independently; due to the lack of accurate time in the stats or on-screen timers because of Blind. 4:15 was what I got by looking at the last time I saw on the timeline during theatre playback (as the screen faded to back), minus the first time I saw on the timeline after the first ‘chapter name’ disappeared off the screen, then added 5 seconds because of the time from gaining control of the character to seeing the timeline.

Halo: Reach Nightfall SLASO in 4:15 by RC Master

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  2. Im not sure if you did it this way, because I did, and i came up with 4:21 for your run. Just watch the YT vid till you start playing as your character (0:50) and then subtract that from the time at which the last cutscene starts (5:11) to get 4:21. I did that with my run to find my 3:48 time.

  3. Nope. I used the way i described at the bottom of the newspost: Last time visable on the timeline before cutscene – first time seen on timeline + 5 seconds for the timeline to first appear.

    Since Halo 3 onwards, we’ve been using ‘gametime’ rather than video time to determine the official timings for runs since it discounts inconsistencies such as loading pauses and video-encoding/recording related issues.

    If you didn’t use the way I did, then it seems we may need to re-time your run!

    I’ll re-download your run and take a look. Stay tuned.

    EDIT: Update. I’ve had a look at the film, and the first time on the timeline I see is 00:08. The last time I see is 3:47; so theres no way its 3:48. So thats 3:39, plus 5 seconds is 3:44. I’ll update your run.

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