Feb 202014


If you missed it live, and likely did if you live in North America, now is your chance to relive one of the brightest stars Awesome Games Done Quick, a charity Marathon which raised over $1 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Monopoli not only impressed and entertained with this stunner of a run, but was single-handedly responsible for redeeming the Halo series in the eyes of speed runners world wide, and may well have caused recent upsurge in the number of halo speed runners at Twitch.tv.

Informative commentary is given by fellow Halo speed runner Reed Tiburon.

Watch speed runner Jared Minnihan (Blueglass) a.k.a. YSG (Yellow Shirt Guy) subtly infiltrate the couch and become part of the evening’s entertainment.

This is a must-watch speed run of the highest order.

HSH News – Monopoli Destroys at AGDQ

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