May 132012

RC Master submitted a Heroic run of The Package to go along with his Legendary run. He takes advantage of the fact that there are only 3 waves in the Glacier to turn out a run that is just 13:13. Posted May 13!

In his own words:

The run starts off with a completely different route at the sunken Farragut Station: instead of gunning for a Ghost, I sprint straight through the area. It partially depends upon luck, but then again, so does getting the Ghost.

Once you get to the tank it’s just shooting stuff. I’d really, really love to do something with the Revenant here since you can get inside the Tyrant guns, blast the core directly, and take them out much quicker. However, I run into issues using the Revenant as soon as I round the next corner because of all the enemies you have to take out. In co-op, especially co-op LASO (Mythic) you could probably do something pretty sweet though.

Crucially, there is no Hunter Wave of Phantoms between the 2nd and Final (General Elite) wave. That accounts for a big chunk of time saved.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach The Package Heroic in 13:13 by RC Master

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