Sep 092010

“Ensnared Cadaver brings us the first run of Kizingo Boulevard, turning in an explosive 4:44 on Solo Easy.

He skips past the first two Scorpians and two Wraiths on the Ghost, grabs the third Scorpian and blasts his way through to Dutch. He even brings the tank over the barricades to Dutch’s position to give a little 90mm surprise to the party behind the door. Invisible barriers stop the vehicular fun there though, but the grenade and launcher fun is just about to start!

He sets up for the Phantoms early, picking his spot to lay down grenades before the phantoms have even decided where to land. He takes out the entire crew, and the dropped Wraith tank, from the first Phantom in 23 seconds flat. Check out that Killionaire! The second group; don’t even know what hit them.

A marine’s quote at the end of this run is the title of this post, which is easy for him to say; he didn’t have to do anything!” – RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kizingo Blvd. Easy difficulty in 4:44 by Ensnared Cadaver

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