Aug 182010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

Scurty has submitted seven solids runs that show his mastery of Halo, from Easy to a No-shot on Legendary. While many of these runs appear to already have a decent time, Scurty blows that idea away with a combined improvement of over 2 and half minutes. If you haven’t watched these runs, they are not ones to miss! Keep ‘em coming!

First is a Normal Halo (CE) run in 12:26. Then he tackles the Silent Cartographer, first on Easy in 3:58, and then on Heroic in 4:01. Next comes Assault on the Control Room, first on Easy again in 5:44, but then he does a Zero Shot Legendary run in 6:06. Heroic Keyes comes down to just 2:47, and finally, Halo 2′s Delta Halo gets a new 2:55 on Easy.

Halo CE Assault on the Control Room Legendary difficulty Zero Shots in 6:06 by scurty

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