Jun 302011


Inspired by recent developments on this level, Insetik 47 sets out to better himself on Winter Contingency, Normal Difficulty. He makes up for the boring falcon ride by using his monstrous hops to slide jump down to the first beacon before skipping it. Not one to wait, he runs through and around buildings before taking his much-needed plasma pistol and speeding off again.

He uses his grenades to boost him forward, steals the falcon with as little delay as possible, and positions himself to escape the level. He also makes sure to kill his fellow marines to make NOBLE Team’s fight as tough as possible, and also to prevent them winning too quickly and locking the runner in the falcon. After getting into the outpost and chasing some Elites, Insetik 47 relights the beacon after 8 minutes and 16 seconds of gameplay.

Halo Reach Winter Contingency Normal in 8:16 by Insetik 47

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