Nov 052010

Or “Nightfall SLASO, now with 12% off!”

After seeing my 4:15 run of Nightfall on Solo Legendary All Skulls On, Ignatius wasn’t content with the ‘safe’ liberties I was taking with the route. He immediately set about trimming the fat from it and walked away with a 31 second improvement! On a level that’s already pretty short, that’s a massive amount of time to cut off!

From the outset, he does away with assassinating the unaware enemies and throws in a couple of sprint jumps to cut the corners off the rocky path. At the first settlement, he pauses only to snipe a Grunt off a Plasma turret and then barrels down the ravine to the Gueta area, not at all concerned with the hail of gun fire that follows him down the path! No ‘sneaking through the buildings’ like I did.

A couple of slaps to the face of a Jackal ensures he has enough shields to run right down the middle of the Gueta area, though he does make sure to give the Guetas themselves as wide a birth as his speedy instinct will allow. Three steps to the left, yeah; now I’m safe! :P

After sprinting past the militia and down the river bed to the Power House, he back-smacks the Elite on the Bridge (and only the Elite) immediately. Unfortunately, he fails his first attempt to get through the gate with the Forklift which loses him a few seconds.

Now through the gate,he takes a different route that’s more down the middle and sprints right to the end.

Recon report completed in 3:44!
Written by: RC Master

Edit: The original timing for this run used an out-of-date method, and was hence wrong. Good news though; that means the real time is just 3:44! The above post has been updated to reflect this.

Halo Reach Nightfall SLASO in 3:44 by Ignatius

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