Aug 072010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

The boys are at it again, bringing us more fantastic co-op speedruns.

First off, themann1086 & IrishMann313 break the 9 minute mark on The Truth and Reconciliation, bringing the Easy time to 8:55.

Then Riptor and Warlord take over with two runs through the Flood infested Library, They don’t even pause to read a single book. Easy in 13:50 and Heroic in 15:38.

The next stop for them is Two Betrayals, with a Normal run in 12:11, a Heroic 12:33 and an Easy No-Shot 11:54.

Their next two runs on The Maw have a very unique distinction, both the Easy and Heroic runs came in at exactly 9:12! It was thrilling to watch them at the same time.

As an added bonus, Riptor does a solo Heroic run of The Truth and Reconciliation in 12:34

Halo CE The Truth and Reconciliation Heroic difficulty in 12:34 by Riptor

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