Nov 202011

So you’ve got Halo CE: Anniversary, and you notice there is an achievement for completing the Library on Legendary in under 30 minutes, and your CE skills are rusty, and Riptor’s run looks insane! Don’t worry, HSH has got your back!

This run aims to very quickly run you through some of the main tricks and skips that are common in speed running this level, in a style and at a pace that is more suitable to a guide. Some tricks are left out entirely, and for others, alternate choices are taken which are easier.

Since this is just for the achievement, and not a pure speed run, you can use whatever skulls you like! I reccomend the Bandana Skull (see this video for the location) as that allows you to save time by not having to look for ammo, and you can use grenades very freely.

Using this route, that means you have about 10 minutes spare for deaths / extra fighting and still get the achievement!

Good luck!

Note: While this run obviously also got the ‘That Just happened’ achievement, you don’t need Legendary for that one, and there isn’t a time limit. If you’re dying on Legendary, switch it down to Heroic.

Addendum: There is also a version with RC Master’s audio commentary here.

Halo CE: Anniversary Legendary Achievement: Speed Reader in 19:36 by RC Master

  2 Responses to “Halo CE Anniversary: ‘Speed Reader’ & ‘That Just Happened’ in 20 minutes.”

  1. i just cant make the jump after the grenade jump.. been at it for 30 minutes now.

  2. The CE jump mechanics are quite different to Halo: Reach’s so if you’ve come off playing that it’ll be quite different. Try a crouch along with the jump (crouch jump) to get some extra distance.

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