Aug 082010

This is a collaborative effort on Sierra 117 coming from Rorcin and cheeseliker92,because hey, why have just one person make the game look silly? On Legendary, no less. It seemed as if the level itself was taking a back seat in this run, because neither it or myself could keep up. I had to rewind the run on more than one occasion after I’d mistakenly blinked or taken a bite of my sandwich. I’m sure the run is actually being played on easy. It’s everything you want a cooperative run to be. Outstanding teamwork, some solid fighting and some great shortcuts. I can’t spoil it for you. Give this blistering 6:42 performance a watch and see what Sierra 117 looks like through the lens of madness. You won’t be disappointed.

Halo 3 Sierra 117 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 6:42 by Cheeseliker92 and Rorcin

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