Aug 082010

Well, it’s taken over a year, but Operation Fill in the Blanks is finally complete! But, not only but one run, but with two!

The first run comes from Vulcan and PalJesus, with a time of 11:24. This is only their second run to High Speed Halo, but they demonstrate a lot of confidence to tackle Co-op Legendary for Halo 2. While they fight through a major portion of the level, they cover each other very effectively against the Covenant, using beam rifles to kill sentinels (no-scope even!) and clearing everything in their path. Keep Speedrunning, Gents!

The second run comes from goatrope and Raigns who combine their efforts and bring the run down to 5:57. While it’s not only a solid run, but it is more amazing that goatrope (from Vancover) came over to NOKYARD’s house in Ontario to fill in the blank. Filled with sword cancels and crouch sliding, and an exciting (and funny) finish, this run is a must see!

Halo 2 The Arbiter 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 5:57 by goatrope and Raigns

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