Aug 062010


I FINALLY finished a good run of Regret on Legendary. The run is 14:58, and unfortunately (regretably?) contains one death.

There’s some shortcuts I don’t use, and why is explained here.

My method for getting the sword is a bit different than Phantom’s. Not only does it seem faster, but I think it’s the only option on Legendary. The elites spawn in two groups of two, with a fifth running over from the outside. A white spec ops elite can spawn in either of the pairs, but will never be the one running over. Obviously if it appears in the first pair, that’s fastest.

I chose not to sword fly to Regret’s temple. First, I felt carrying a sword to that point would hinder me. Second, I would much rather be left with the BR/PP combo after the cutscene. The time saved by flying across would be canceled out by the lack of efficiency of doing that fight with a sniper rifle/sword.

And lastly, I didn’t use Phantom’s shortcut over the mountain, because it leaves me too vulnerable on Legendary. Taking the time to kill the elites negates any benifit from the shortcut.

Halo 2 Regret Legendary difficulty in 14:58 by Cody Miller

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