Aug 062010


From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

First, I must offer an apology to Oozer3993 & TJ.
Last month they submitted their first speedrun to HSH, A Legendary run of Regret in 56:50 which filled the second last blank on the Times Table. Unfortunately I could not find the time to watch it until this weekend, and by then a new run had already been submitted by LocoPuyo & DammerWillEatU. I will post both runs here and leave an active link in the Old Runs section as well. Once again, I am sorry I did not post it earlier.

LocoPuyo & DammerWillEatU really find their stride with this run. There are no fancy tricks, just good teamwork, effective and efficient weapon use, solid fighting, only one death (killed by Regret himself) and is very exciting to watch. They finish the whole thing in 23:29.

Halo 2 Regret 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 23:29 by LocoPuyo & DammerWillEatU

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