Aug 062010


From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

Today’s feature is about brothers who run levels in co-op.

The Mann brothers, themann1086 and IrishMann313 are well known here. They hold more than 30 co-op records and prove they totally dominate Cairo Station by lowering the time, yet again, to 7:31. They also have a knack for filling Legendary blanks with the recent Oracle in 22:12, and Sacred Icon in 21:23.

The Tan brothers, Cold-PhuRy and Asniper are Chinese and hail from Singapore. They have filled the Arbiter Heroic blank with a 6:10 run and improved the Arbiter Normal time by 13 seconds to 4:12.

Brother Cloud and Brother Sephiroth are from England, while not technically brothers (they are friends), seem to run as if they were. The runs they have provided are two levels extracted from an impressive 2:10 Full Game Legendary run of Halo CE, which is why they did not revert after dying in the first minute of TB. The Library clocks in at 19:19, and Two Betrayals at 25:26.

Halo 2 Oracle 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 22:12 by themann1086 & IrishMann313

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