Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear SLASO in 11:59 by RC Master


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Or, “Heres One We Prepared Earlier…

There is another LASO challenge this week. This time for, you guessed it, Tip of the Spear. Here at High Speed Halo, we’re not going to mess around trying to get everyone through it. On that front, Tyrant has already got you covered with his excellent Mythic Guide over at HBO. We, on the other hand, are interested in doing it fast.

This particular SLASO run is provided by yours truly, and was performed back on Christmas Eve, 2010.


Right out the gate, you don’t need to be sitting back and pinging Grunts and Jackals from afar, oh no. Theres a little series of ledges along the cliff edge that allow you to flank the FRG Turrets, a single headshot to each will do, and then moving up along the path will, more often than not, cause the Pelican to come down straight away. From Grenade Launcher to Rocket Hog in 35 seconds? Not a bad upgrade…

No need to wait around and kill dudes, or wait for Kat; they’ll despawn and the area will get locked off by an invisible barrier anyway. The Tyrant gun just around the corner could, in theory, be quite of a problem area due to the number of enemies. But if you just hit the gun itself with 16 barrages from the Rocket Hog, its history! I parked up out of sight of the nearby Skirmishers, and killed the Trooper so he wouldn’t go moving it around, then a simple matter of firing in the same place.

As soon as its dead, the Skirmishers more or less clear out, leaving the path to the right more open. Theres usually a Ghost patrolling this back area so, when waiting for the Pelican with the bridge, I wait behind some nearby rocks for cover. As soon as the Pelican rolls past the tip of the rock in the distance, its time to roll out and get across that bridge. Waiting too long leads to that inbound Wraith battering the hell out of you!

At the BXR facility, of course its much safer to clear out the turret, the Grunts and the Jackals with the Rocket Hog, but thats slow! With a bit of luck, you can slip in behind them, take out the turret Grunt and rush up the stairs.

Next is a little skip that I found; moving thrugh the scafolding underneath the normal walkway, to the area where the Zealot spawns, skips a number of enemy spawns and also avoids nearly all of the enemies actually inside BXR that have already spawned. Theres just two Jackals left!

Outside, while the Revanant’s mortor is fairly pathetic, its still better than the Ghost and allows me to remain highly mobile while attacking the Wraith. Unlike the Chain Gun Hog which I save for a little later…

This Tyrant gun could be barraged from a distance just like the first one, but its much quicker if you’re lucky and the Wraith near the cliff (not the one near the bridge) throws itself off, and then you can get up right next to the gun and take out its core directly.

The second Wraith, near the bridge, is the next target. Fortunately, the combined fire of a Falcon that I had saved from the AA gun, the incoming Pelican, the Troopers and myself manage to down it quite quick.

Next its the infantry, the DMR to start and then the plentiful Needle Rifle for that instant-kill supercombine on the Ultra Grunts. The Plasma Launcher is there, and powerful, so might as well be used.

Next, I loop back for the Chain Gun hog. Though it seems to take an age; I’ve timed it and its actually quicker than using the Revanant and short of bringing the Rocket Hog all the way through BXR (which would take several minutes) or hijacking a Wraith, its the best option. Keeping suitable distance away of course.

The last remaining enemy; the Ultra Elite, could be right pain due to his shield strength and dodginess. Here the sheer mass of my Hog, and a little driving skill, comes in handy as a battering ram. Didn’t manage the full splatter here unfortunately, but a headshot will finish him off.

You lose all your weapons in the Falcon crash cutscene, so there is no point in gathering anything here.

Theres nothing that can be done to speed up the Falcon ride except getting in quickly! Still have to stay alive though, so a constant barrage at the turrets, then the Wraith and then infantry gets me through.

At the Spire, there is only one objective: get to the top, clear it out, and hit the switch. All the infantry on the ground, and the two Banshees patrolling the skies, are merely distractions. Theres a convineiently placed Grunt on the right side who will (usually) offer up a Plasma Pistol. The Jetpack is essentially mandatory on Mythic since you can’t run fast enough to get away from that Sword Zealot. A couple of quick hops, a joyride in the Spade and I’m sailing up the grav lift.

I always attack the left entrance way here since that is where the Ultra Grunts naturally seem to come out. I can head them of with some Grenade and DMR love. The FRG Grunts can be a major pain but, if taken out from the outer doorway, often won’t shoot back. After one of those are dead the Zealot comes out to play, and its simply a matter of peppering him until he’s dead. I managed to do it so fast this time that I didn’t need to actually use the Jetpack! Careful, sneaky backsmack to the last FRG Grunt and its mission over.

Final time is 11:59!

Could it be improved?

Well, yes. Taking out the first Tyrant gun with the Rocket Hog clearly takes an age. If you looped in around behind the gun, got on top and then grenaded the core directly, it’d be 10-20 seconds quicker. Next, the Wraith and Hunters at the second Tyrant gun take a lot of damage. If you were to, say, hijack the first Wraith (assuming it didn’t throw itself off the cliff) and use it on everything else in the area, a lot time would be saved there too.

Anyone want to have a go at what I haven’t been able to yet?


Note: The weekly challenge, dispite claiming to be LASO does not require you to have the Blind Skull. In a very literal way, this makes the run not ‘All Skulls On.’ Any runs in HSH’s SLASO section will always have the Blind skull on. We still accept and publish these Challenge Runs, but they are not aded to the run table.

Or, “Heres One We Prepared Earlier…“ There is another LASO challenge this week. This time for, you guessed it, Tip of the Spear. Here at High Speed Halo, we’re not going to mess around trying to get everyone through it. On that front, Tyrant has already got you covered with his excellent Mythic Guide over

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