Aug 312013

Several months after I completed a 7:30 run, I decided that I wanted to integrate the famous BXR skip into a Legendary run. I knew how to do it for a long time, but it is extremely dangerous and inconsistent. But, I put in the time and effort to finally pull off a near perfect run of Tip of the Spear. I’m not going to lie; it was very difficult.

Want to improve it? Some time can be saved in the beginning (before BXR), and the fighting at the second tyrant gun can be finished a little faster. With this route, a perfect run could be about 6:30. Maybe you can even beat the Easy time!


Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Legendary in 6:48 by Auraxade

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Jun 272013

I saw RC Master’s 25:15 run and knew I could beat it. He gave me the idea to do this run. His route proved very helpful for some parts, and you’ll see that I used his methods for some areas (like the 2nd Tyrant).

The beginning went pretty smoothly. I found that if you don’t kill the grunt in the farther turret with the grenade, it becomes almost impossible to kill it later. Luckily, I did here. I could have taken off in the warthog a bit earlier, but oh well.

I decided to take on the first gun quickly and recklessly. Luck is a HUGE factor here. Usually, the Elite General simply blasts the warthog in your face and splatters you. I spent a few seconds lining up the grenade because I have had difficulty hitting the right spot in the past.

The Revenant often can kill you while grabbing the ghost. It has happened to me more than once. It almost did it again here, but I managed to escape in time.

Since I had already left Kat behind, I used the girder skip at BXR. I was actually considering spawning the Zealot to take its sword for the hunters, but I found it way too risky to use.

Thanks to RC Master for his route at Tyrant 2. I used a spring jump off the warthog to get onto the cliff instead of stacking vehicles to save some time. Sometimes the buggers can come out and kill you, and they almost got me before I ran away.

The rest of the fight is pretty boring. I managed to snag two marines in the warthog and gave a plasma launcher to the side marine. I was lucky enough to have one of the wraiths suicide, so I had very few problems kiling the enemies.

RC confirmed in his commentary that shooting while in the Falcon is allowed, so I used the grenade launcher during the ride.

The spire is pretty standard. The only reason I used a grenade on the grunt is that it has stuck me more than once before. I wasn’t planning on risking that again, so I took some precautions. The top if the spire went smoothly, and I spent 20 seconds from the time I touched the ground to the time I pushed the final button.

Final time is an impressive 12:47. It definitely blew away my initial goal of 15 minutes or less. It can be beaten, but not without A LOT of luck…

Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Legendary Zero Shot in 12:47 by Auraxade

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Apr 132013

I saved time here using a number of tricks.

First, at the first tyrant gun, I used the same tactic as in my Legendary run: block the door with the warthog and grenade the core from the outside. Then, I grab the ghost and gun it to the BXR Facility, where I perform the skip. But wait, I didn’t grab a concussion rifle! That’s right, it isn’t necessary to have it in order to take the shortcut. Instead of losing time trying to obtain the concussion rifle at the beginning or even the first tyrant gun, you can use a single frag grenade to jump to the roof. If you’re fast enough, you can even get by without killing the grunt in the turret. After that, I used the wraith to clear out the enemies quickly at the second tyrant gun, rode the falcon, ran to the spire, and finished the level with an exceptional time of 6:50.

Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Heroic in 6:50 by Auraxade

Mar 292013

I now know how Pahis feels, having a run beaten by one second. I wasn’t planning on getting this record back. But when I saw HSH was uploading speedruns again, I wanted to have another go.

I managed to improve the old record by 7 seconds. A few small mistakes in this run cost it from going close to 7:00.

Anyone want to bring this closer to 7:00 and maybe even knock it sub 7?

~Dark Devastation

Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Heroic in 7:06 by Dark Devastation

Oct 162012

It seems RC and I are constantly at competition on this mission + difficulty combination. So I’m back with another run.

This run beats the previous run by 13 seconds. Anyone want to take it down even lower? I reckon you could take it down to 7:25, maybe even lower.
Dark Devastation

Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Legendary in 7:38 by Dark Devastation

Jul 122012

To celebrate Bungie Day (July 7th) 2012, RC Master decided to run through the whole of Reach on Legendary with 11 Skulls on (No Iron or Blind)! Game time is exactly 3 hours 33 minutes!

As he describes in the intro to the video, this is roughly equivalent to the difficulty you are required to play on for the LASO Weekly Challenges. The video comes in at just under 4 hours (including loading and cutscenes) and you can see him doing it live with a little picture-in-picture view of him – which he uses to provide commentary on the run as he does it.

There are a few deaths during the run (8 in all) but only one costs him any real time and most are just unlucky. None of the individual levels are as fast as the single-level LASO speed runs he and others have done – but these are all back-to-back on the day!

The gameplay on the first level, Winter Contingency, starts 6 1/2 minutes in.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing in one go, the timestamps for the various levels are in the YouTube description.

Enjoy! And Happy Bungie Day!

EDIT: Bungie actually left a comment on this video using their YouTube account:

You look spry, my man, and focused. Thanks for playing. You make it look easy.



As seen on Halo.Bungie.Org.

Halo: Reach Full Game LASO Challenge in 3:33 by RC Master

May 092012

Managed to knock eleven seconds off the previous best by using the grenade launcher at the beginning. I know for a fact that I could go sub 7 mins if I get the concusion rifle aswell.

Gunna keep trying as always, in the meantime, enjoy.

Halo: Reach Tip of The Spear Heroic in 7:13 by cyph9r

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May 042012

Dark Devastation revisits Heroic TotS with a few new tricks and techniques, knocking 11 seconds off the previous run by RC Master.

Check out the suiciding Grunts at the first Tyrant that blow up the core for him!

His own summary:

New tactic at Tyrant 1.
Used Mr. Monopoli’s tactic at BXR Facility.
Rest of the run is the usual path.

~ Dark Devastation

New time to beat is 7:14. Can anyone take it under 7?

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Heroic in 7:14 by Dark Devastation

Dec 022011

…and assassinating Sword Elites.

You’ve got 10 minutes, All Skulls On, and Legendary is the difficulty: what can you do? Tip of the Spear of course! RC Master shows you how in this 9:41 SLASO / Mythic run.

In his own words:

I’m not content when someone takes a record from me on a level I’ve spent so much time on. Especially not when it’s Dark Devastation and he gets insanely lucky at Tyrant 2 (AA Gun) in that the second Wraith throw itself off the cliff for him while he hijacks the first!

So, I’ve put in the time, the research and the effort to overcome the luck factors and have eventually brought Tip of the Spear Mythic down under the 10 minute barrier! Woo hoo!

The first change you’ll notice is at the first Tyrant (AA) gun. Rather than the slow and altogether aggrivatingly boring method of shooting it with the Rocket Hog, I swing around the far side of the area, hop out and take aim from a specially pre-selected spot with my Grenade Launcher. Two shots will break the shield covering the core (thanks to the Mythic skull), and a 3rd will take it out for good. Then I take the nippier and more maneouvreable Ghost that is flipped nearby to get to the bridge. It was quite a pain trying to figure out a method to make this area faster and more fun that was also not exceptionally risky. I experimented with a lot of things, including driving the hog right up to the Tyrant and using it’s roof to get on top of first level to take out the core from there. Needless to say that method was very dangerous and this new one, assuming the Revenant is nice and stays away, is a bit safer.

At Tyrant 2 I hijack the Wraith script-locked near the cliff and use it to destroy the one near the bridge double-quick (to try and make up for Dark’s ridiculous luck). Then it’s a case of being aggressive as possible and making sure every shot counts.

Finally, at the Spire I do possibly the most insane but also perhaps the most fun part of the new route: I rush into the Spire control room and assassinate the Sword Elite Ultra. Instead of the traditional Jetpack use in this area, I opt to keep sprint and leg it up the side of the area ASAP. Once at the top of the spire, I approach the right hand door rather than the left, so that I avoid the Ultra Grunts. The Green FRG Grunts here are scripted to fire off a couple of ‘warning’ shots to telegraph its presence to players when they get very close to the doors. After this, there is a breif period of oppurtunity in which to sprint in through the door and assassinate the Elite (which can be harder than it looks when under pressure!). This rapid assault means that the Green Grunts are intially startled and won’t fire, if you keep close enough, they will continue to not fire. After the death of the Elite however, the Ultra Grunts all turned suicidal so I had to step back, leading to a very close call with a FRG round.

Ultimately the longer time at Tyrant 1 and 2 still keep this run from being as fast as the Legendary time, but it’s edging closer at the new time of 9:41!

~RC Master

As seen on:
Halo Waypoint.

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear SLASO in 9:41 by RC Master

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Sep 152011

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary in 7:51 by RC Master

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary in 7:51 by RC Master

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Sep 152011

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear 2 Player Easy 6:57 by GevarM96 and GewehrM48

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear 2 Player Easy 6:57 by GevarM96 and GewehrM48

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Jul 052011

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear 2 Player Normal in 7:03 by GevarM96 and GewehrM48

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear 2 Player Normal in 7:03 by GevarM96 and GewehrM48

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Oct 292010

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary difficulty in 9:03 by RC Master

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary difficulty in 9:03 by RC Master

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