Feb 222014


This tutorial shows how to perform the concussion bubble shield jump on Pillar of Autumn in Halo Reach.

This enables you to reach the MAC Cannon Early to snipe a wave and use the cannon to take out 2 waves of enemies.

This is a must have trick in any speedrunner arsenal.

Practice makes Perfect


Michael W Smith

Halo Reach POA Bubble Shield Jump Tutorial

Jan 292014


No new tricks in this run, just a very slight (one second) improvement to Dark’s run.  Different slide jump though, which loses me five seconds right at the start.  Improvements can be made to the driving and at the MAC gun.

This speed run is also available for viewing on Backflip‘s YouTube channel.

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Easy in 8:46 by Backflip

Jan 282014


I used the same strats as easy, but got slowed down at certain points.  This run implements the Keyes skip into normal.  The Keyes skip triggers Keyes to leave for the dry dock before any of the enemies in wave 3 are killed.  To do this, all other enemies must be dead when the third wave of enemies drops.  Then the brute Chieftain must be killed within one second of him landing.

I might try to get this closer to easy, possibly three seconds closer.

This speed run is also available for viewing on Backflip‘s YouTube channel.

Halo: Reach the Pillar of Autumn Normal in 8:52 by Backflip

Jan 272014


Following my Legendary 11:28 run, I decided to improve the Heroic time as well with all the new tricks I found. I take a much riskier path that is much more similar to the Easy/Normal route. This run is far from perfect and could probably be lowered to around 9:30, possibly lower.

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Heroic in 9:58 by Auraxade

Jan 242014


I decided that the bugger skip should be put to good use in a Legendary run. So, I spent a lot of time planning my route and practicing, making slight adjustments as I went. Eventually, I came up with this 11:28 run on Legendary!

The dash to the cave went very well. The slide jump at the beginning was executed perfectly, and the mongoose ride went very well. I rolled a little, but I luckily lost little speed. I lost a few seconds going off the ramp; the mongoose decided to land awkwardly and do a 180.

The jump for the bugger skip itself is VERY hard to pull off. I practiced for hours, and it is still inconsistent for me. Luckily, I do it on my first try and didn’t lose any time. The Boneyard is pretty standard, as well as the first smelting room. Nothing really interesting there. I was actually considering taking a much riskier route along the left side of the Boneyard, but it was too dangerous in a single-segment Legendary run.

The second smelting room went decently, though it’s definitely improvable. I kill all of the jackals above and run around the enemies on the ground. I was almost taken out while trying to run by the Elite, but I managed to survive.

The holdout was flawless. When I routed this, I wanted to keep using the rockets even in the third wave. So, I start by rocketing all of the grunts and jackals on the ground. Then, I get up close and personal with the brute drop ship and kill them all with a grenade and a rocket. I do the same for the brute/grunt drop ship. All the enemies were dead by wave 2.

In the second wave, I kill the enemies coming onto the landing pad with the rockets; the chieftains have to be taken out by the classic noob combo. This wave went pretty smoothly as well, though I took a little too long trying to kill the hammer chief.

Wave 3 is by far the most dangerous. I decided to target the brute captains and the grunts first for three reasons: the brutes are inconsistent coming out of the other drop ship, there are more enemies at this one, and the grunts are a pain to deal with when you are using a Needle Rifle. Unfortunately, that also means I have to deal with a dangerous turret gunner on the Phantom. For that reason, I saved a plasma grenade through the whole fight to take it out easily.

As I stated, the fight went just about perfectly.

The Zealot section never ceases to terrify me. I almost got killed trying to sprint to the gun, which didn’t help my high adrenaline level. Anyway, when Keyes says, “Steady, Spartan,” I wait about 30 seconds before running to the MAC gun. It is slightly faster than waiting for the sound effect to start playing, as I blow up the cruiser the moment the game lets me.

New time to beat is 11:28. Good luck if you attempt it, because it wasn’t easy. It is definitely improvable, though. You could save a few seconds in the smelting room and in the final fight. I may go back and improve it myself. That’s highly unlikely, though. Enjoy the run!

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Legendary in 11:28 by Auraxade

Apr 142013


This was difficult for Aura due to lag. Even though we are in the same country, he still lagged pretty bad.
We managed this run though, and we’re both pretty happy with it.

It could probably go 5-15 seconds faster though.

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn 2 Player Normal in 8:50 by Dark Devastation & AuraSoldier313

Mar 312013


Well quite simply, myself and DazedWheat set ourselves 2 targets. 1) Beat our previous personal best of 11.09 and 2) Equal or better Dark Devastation’s current solo record.

Jake (DazedWheat) proceeds to the mongoose, reaching them in 31 seconds, whilst I obtain a concussion rifle from the Elite. After the drone section, the drop shield gets taken for use later in the mission.
Jake continues to run through the level with ease, teleporting me when necessary.

Holdout!! Using the earlier obtained Concussion Rifle and Drop Shield, I concussion jump up to the Mac Cannon and use that efficiently to take down any Phantom reinforcements. After the Keyes cutscene, I follow the same routine. Drop shield/concussion jump back up to the Mac Cannon to trigger the cruiser earlier than usual.

Thanks to the new concussion additions, we achieved a time of 9.01, thus achieving a new personal best (by 3minutes) and bringing Devastation’s time down by 16 seconds.
Metal karima

Halo: Reach Pillar of Autumn 2 Player Normal in 9:01 by Metal karima and DazedWheat6419

Oct 082012


Well given the fact our last run was 11minutes, we knew we could cut down the time. So this time we decided to NOT drive into any trees, cutting our time down by almost 10 seconds.

Also as you probably noticed, I stole the concussion rifle from the Elite at the start of the mission and traded my sprint out for the Drop Shield, both for use in the Mac Cannon jump at the Holdout battle, of which cut down our time by almost a minute.

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn 3 Player Normal in 9:33 by Metal karima, DazedWheat6419 and Melee47

Sep 152012


Welcome to the bugger skip. I, xx3strksuroutxx or bkpaguy or just Alex, whoever you want to call me, found this. :P Woot! Thanks for watching and good luck with this skip yourself! I think this run can be improved to below 11 minutes.

One day about 2 months ago I was running PoA on Legendary thinking… I can do this faster… but the buggers take SO long to fight… especially on Legendary. I was messing around one day after the cut scene and after about 30 minutes of trying to even make it up ledge with that jump, I finally got it. I didn’t expect much from all my efforts, but much to my surprise I went into the next area and found… NO BUGGERS! That really got me thinking… I can definitely do this faster. The inspiration for the bugger skip came from the hunter skip in this same level by actually going above the part in the level that spawn’s the hunters.

Additionally, I am sorry for playing jingle bells on the mongoose… I had been playing a Taylor Swift song, but Jingle Bells was a much better song.

The Splits

0:30 Mongoose
Nothing special through here. I got a decent slide jump this time around but I would take all the way up to 0:33 to the mongoose without a slide jump.

0:46 Cross Bridge
Yep… jingle bells…

1:29 Tunnel Start
The route through the scarab section is the fastest, but not the best percentage of successful runs. I missed both jumps through the scarab section, but style points for the front flip on the second jump. My best time to the tunnel start is 1:21.

1:47 In the air
The phantom on Heroic will not kill you if you hug the left side of the bridge, therefore you don’t need to wait in the rock tunnel for half a second. Also, by hugging the left side, you get the best landing on the other side.
2:27 Cut scene
I use the normal skip on this area, but you don’t need to worry about enemies killing you. You can just run directly towards the buildings ledge. If you time it so that you start sprinting right when you get off the mongoose, you’ll end your sprint by sitting on top of the pole. Then it’s a simple jump up to the ledge. My best time to the cut scene is 2:22.

3:07 Health Pack
The bugger skip saves about 30 seconds here… but only if you can make the jump. If you do the Naked Eli way of running this level, you can use the Concussion rifle with this jump, but without it… it’s the most difficult jump in this run. Here, I get it on the first try, but most of the time that is not the case. After the initial jump up, it is also difficult to jump across the weird gap. I just use a combination of mashing sprint and jump hoping for the best and it works most of the time.

4:07 The Closing Door
I’m not happy with this part of the run. I miss the initial sprint jump to on top of the thing that gets you up into the area where you don’t have to fight any guys. Luckily I get the grenade jump, but it’s so much quicker with the sprint jump. My best to the door that closes behind you is around 4:03.

5:10 Window
Right as you enter the room with the marines, I can never seem to get that grenade just perfect… luckily, you only need to kill one guy to get the elite to focus on the marines when you pass by later. I fail miserably at jumping here for the hunter skip and lose quite a bit of time… but none the less… Best time to the window is 5:02.

6:03 Elite Door
This room takes a long time if you fight everybody… but if you don’t it can go quite quickly… yet I got pretty lucky here. I seem to be lucky about 50 percent of the time here in this room though. If you noticed at the beginning of this speed run, you heard me dying… and that was from the sword elite here in this room…he happened to be waiting for me as I tried to head up the stairs… lol.

6:24 Start the Fighting Door
Nothing special through this area… My best time to the fighting door is 6:04… (that was the run where I was blown up by a suicide grunt as I turned around to hit him with my gravity hammer… tears… I know… so sad.)

9:34 Fight cut scene
I SUCK AT FIGHTING I KNOW!!! When it’s all said and done, I lose about 27 seconds with fighting compared to the great RC Master.

11:29 Final Time
You gotta take out those grunts or the elite will hang around outside and you don’t want that. The waiting game in this area was quite stressful, but I’ve done this part before with the fuel rod gun and the gravity hammer… the best way to go though is the with the plasma rifle EMP on fuel rod elite. When you hear that one sound… (yes I know it’s vague, but you can see when I move… that sound), you can head up the stairs and fire.

Thanks for watching! I’m gonna work on Legendary now. :)


Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Heroic in 11:29 by xx3strksuroutxx

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Sep 122012


Myself and DazedWheat have both never attempted a speedrun as serious as this and we are both pleased with the outcome. Despite the slight slip up at the start with the mongooses, we made up ground and brought the time to an eventful 11:59.
~Metal karima

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn 2 Player Normal in 11:59 by Metal karima and DazedWheat6419

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May 062012

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Normal in 9:17 by Dark Devastation

Halo: Reach The Pillar of Autumn Normal in 9:17 by Dark Devastation

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