Jan 222014


This mission is all about risk vs. reward. It’s easy if you take it slow, but there are many dangerous ways to speed things up. I opted for risk, and it paid off with this run.

Scorpion section is standard. You could probably save about 30 seconds with faster driving. In the base, I go straight up the middle, killing key enemies quickly. As for the Elites, I found that firing a couple needles and throwing a grenade usually makes enough of a window for you to sprint jump to the button.

At this point, the hard part is done. After using a Banshee for the first wave, I decided to play it safe and use the Wraith for the rest of the fight. If used correctly, it can be just as fast. In the final wave, I was lucky to have the Phantom despawn instead of flying off. This ends the level earlier. As far as I know, this occurrence is random.

Improvements can be made everywhere. You can be much more aggressive with the Scorpion and save up to 30 seconds. If you can use the Banshee all the way, you can definitely speed up the final fight.

Time is 13:06. There isn’t such a large gap between Heroic and Legendary now!


Halo: Reach The Package Legendary in 13:06 by Auraxade

Apr 172013


Wow. I knew I’d get a Normal run to go with my Easy run at some point, but I didn’t expect it to be the next day. On my first try of the night, I dropped 23 seconds from my previous record, matching my Easy time of 10:02. The first half of the run actually goes quicker in this version, offset by what seemed to be a little more waiting between waves in the Glacier fight (I’m not entirely clear on the triggers). Like the Easy run, this can definitely go under 10. I also forgot to thank Dark Devastation in the last run for revealing the use of the Revenant in “taking out those guns”.

Halo: Reach The Package Normal in 10:02 by squidNH3

Apr 162013


As a long time speedrun watcher/lurker, I’ve always been interested in trying it myself, but never really buckled down and got anything done. Finally, after months of off and on attempts of The Package on both Normal and Easy, I managed to put something together I thought would be worth submitting. It’s not perfect (my Ghost gets flipped by an Elite made of concrete), but I think the path is pretty solid. I think the time could easily go as low as 9:45-9:50. Special thanks to the recently posted Heroic run by Ringtext showing off an easier version of the statue jump. I hope to have a slightly slower Normal run fairly soon.

Halo: Reach The Package Easy in 10:02 by squidNH3

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Sep 212012


Being inspired by RC Master, I too wanted to work on runs. Seeing as Halo Reach is my favorite Halo gameplay wise, I decided to do my runs there. I quickly learned that there is a lot of trial and error. I tried each difficulty, groaning more and more at the ridiculous deaths and mistakes I made. Well, I finally was able to perform a perfect speed run of The Package on Normal!

The tricky part is the first section. Watching RC Master’s incredibly lucky run at the first part, I took it into account, taking out the heavy duty grunts as I know they would cause me trouble. I then jacked a ghost and zoomed for a Revenant for more firepower. I also grabbed a plasma pistol as I would use it for later. I destroyed the tyrant guns in 1:39 seconds.

Once again, I quickly made it to the door, hijacked the other revenant and instead of costing vehicle damage, I headshotted the gunners in reasonable efficiency.

The next portion was the hardest, barrelling my way through needles, doing a 50 meter dash past the elites and making it through the door. The other half of the level is me jacking a Banshee and blitzkrieging wave after wave. Hope you guys enjoy my first run as there will be more to come!

Halo: Reach The Package Normal in 11:44 by SkyrinGans

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Sep 102012


In a fourth attempt at the mission, myself , Finnster123 and MisshapenLime68 finally strung together this Normal speed run of The Package on Halo: Reach.

We start off by sprinting to the Scorpion tank of which i would take control of. Meanwhile they are heading to the two unguarded Revenants over on the far side to give us an advantage against the covenant patrols outside Sword.

Where the Glacier battle is concerned, Finnster is quick to skyjack a Banshee and spawn kills any covenant in sight. When the wraith drops on the south-east side, I capture it whilst Lime is seizing yet another Banshee to aid our assault on the remaining Hunters and Elites.

Could this time be improved? Yes. There were times when we had issues with near lag-outs/disconnections and there were some issues of which my controller would disconnect briefly. So yes the time could be improved but given our issues, we were proud with this effort.
~Metal karima

Halo: Reach The Package 3 Player Normal in 14:09 by Metal karima, MisshapenLime68 and Finnster123

Jul 122012


To celebrate Bungie Day (July 7th) 2012, RC Master decided to run through the whole of Reach on Legendary with 11 Skulls on (No Iron or Blind)! Game time is exactly 3 hours 33 minutes!

As he describes in the intro to the video, this is roughly equivalent to the difficulty you are required to play on for the LASO Weekly Challenges. The video comes in at just under 4 hours (including loading and cutscenes) and you can see him doing it live with a little picture-in-picture view of him – which he uses to provide commentary on the run as he does it.

There are a few deaths during the run (8 in all) but only one costs him any real time and most are just unlucky. None of the individual levels are as fast as the single-level LASO speed runs he and others have done – but these are all back-to-back on the day!

The gameplay on the first level, Winter Contingency, starts 6 1/2 minutes in.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing in one go, the timestamps for the various levels are in the YouTube description.

Enjoy! And Happy Bungie Day!

EDIT: Bungie actually left a comment on this video using their YouTube account:

You look spry, my man, and focused. Thanks for playing. You make it look easy.



As seen on Halo.Bungie.Org.

Halo: Reach Full Game LASO Challenge in 3:33 by RC Master

May 132012


RC Master submitted a Heroic run of The Package to go along with his Legendary run. He takes advantage of the fact that there are only 3 waves in the Glacier to turn out a run that is just 13:13. Posted May 13!

In his own words:

The run starts off with a completely different route at the sunken Farragut Station: instead of gunning for a Ghost, I sprint straight through the area. It partially depends upon luck, but then again, so does getting the Ghost.

Once you get to the tank it’s just shooting stuff. I’d really, really love to do something with the Revenant here since you can get inside the Tyrant guns, blast the core directly, and take them out much quicker. However, I run into issues using the Revenant as soon as I round the next corner because of all the enemies you have to take out. In co-op, especially co-op LASO (Mythic) you could probably do something pretty sweet though.

Crucially, there is no Hunter Wave of Phantoms between the 2nd and Final (General Elite) wave. That accounts for a big chunk of time saved.

~ RC Master

Halo: Reach The Package Heroic in 13:13 by RC Master

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May 082012


Revenants and Banshees have reasonably powerful on-board weapons, but as Dark Devastation demonstrates, they’re incredibly effective splatter machines on Easy.

In his own words:

Not much to say about this run, it’s pretty straight forward.
Most of the time comes down to how well you can fight outside Halsey’s Lab.

~ Dark Devastation

New time is 10:28.

Halo: Reach The Package Easy in 10:28 by Dark Devastation