Sep 272012

In the runner’s own words:

Well my name is Alex and I’ve gotten pretty good at Nightfall. And by that, I mean I got extremely lucky. The line through the middle of the area with turret is complete luck. I’d say for every 10 tries through the middle I would die 9 times. The turret has to be focused on Jorge instead of you and the 2 elites have to be in the right place so that they both aren’t shooting at you.

This run can probably be improved by 3 seconds I would imagine. The time might actually be like 3:29, but because I didn’t account for the game lag, but IDK how HSH deals with that. :) Enjoy!


The actual time of this run as an astonishing 3:25!

Note: This is also a SLASO run but does not beat the current SLASO record of 3:19.

Halo: Reach Nightfall Pacifist in 3:25 by xx3strksuroutxx

Sep 252012

Hola y Bienvenidos to Team Food Fight’s first speed run of Halo: Reach. For those who don’t know, Team Food Fight consists of myself (Mango), Snickerdoodle, Ka Five, and FL00RCHEESE. We decided that not only did we love having fun in matchmaking but we also loved screwing around in campaign as well. So, I convinced the rest of the group to do some speed runs of Reach, the first being Nightfall. And also, because we were feeling extra masochistic, we decided to do a Zero-shot run of the mission as well. Because, you know…why not? So guys, enjoy, and expect some more runs from us in the future on other missions. See you then!

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Halo: Reach Nightfall 4 Player Zero Shot in 3:48 by Forsaken Mango, Snickerdoodle, Ka Five and FL00RCHEESE

Sep 082012

Hey guys guess who’s back!
Well, like I said in my previous run I wanted to cut down on my mistakes and that’s exactly what I did. Doing so actually managed to help me shave 5 seconds off the previous time too so that was nice. Anyway, I really encourage you guys to try this run out. It’s a lot of fun and it definitely gives you a rush when you hit that bridge and the forklift knowing that elite’s going to be bearing down on you. So again, hope you guys enjoyed!

~Forsaken Mango

Halo: Reach Nightfall Legendary Pacifist in 3:35 by Forsaken Mango

May 252011

Halo: Reach Nightfall Legendary Zero Shot in 3:23 by Dark Devastation

Halo: Reach Nightfall Legendary Zero Shot in 3:23 by Dark Devastation