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This project took quite a bit of work, but I am pretty happy with it. Some of these tactics are new and are easy enough to be implemented into single segment runs. There are also some that are way to difficult for that. If you have any questions about any of this just ask. I am currently working on a couple of SLASO runs and a couple zero shot runs. In the past, I always stop working on a run to do a route for another one. Hopefully I can stay focused for these. Anyway thanks for watching.

Also, please note that I shot:
In the falcon part on Tip of the Spear
In the space battle on Long Night of Solace
In the MAC Cannon on The Pillar of Autumn
The Tip of the Spear can be done without by doing a couple launches, but it is slow and boring and allowed according to highspeedhalo.
The space battle is impossible eventually, so I figured I would shoot throughout it.
The MAC Cannon is mandatory as far as I know.
Special thanks to Auraxade, EnsnaredCadaver, and ZealotSG for their help.This speed run is also available for viewing on BeastingHalo’s YouTube channel

A note from NOKYARD

If you have a speed run or speed running project, which is not categorized as one of our standard World Records, we will be happy to post it for you. These are presented as ‘Entertainment Speed Runs’, not competitive speed runs, so we are not seeking for other’s to attempt to beat the time. Of course, we will not stop you from doing so…

Halo: Reach Legendary Zero Shot Segmented in 1:52:21

Jul 122012


To celebrate Bungie Day (July 7th) 2012, RC Master decided to run through the whole of Reach on Legendary with 11 Skulls on (No Iron or Blind)! Game time is exactly 3 hours 33 minutes!

As he describes in the intro to the video, this is roughly equivalent to the difficulty you are required to play on for the LASO Weekly Challenges. The video comes in at just under 4 hours (including loading and cutscenes) and you can see him doing it live with a little picture-in-picture view of him – which he uses to provide commentary on the run as he does it.

There are a few deaths during the run (8 in all) but only one costs him any real time and most are just unlucky. None of the individual levels are as fast as the single-level LASO speed runs he and others have done – but these are all back-to-back on the day!

The gameplay on the first level, Winter Contingency, starts 6 1/2 minutes in.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing in one go, the timestamps for the various levels are in the YouTube description.

Enjoy! And Happy Bungie Day!

EDIT: Bungie actually left a comment on this video using their YouTube account:

You look spry, my man, and focused. Thanks for playing. You make it look easy.



As seen on Halo.Bungie.Org.

Halo: Reach Full Game LASO Challenge in 3:33 by RC Master

Nov 112011


For me, the ultimate test in speed running is in the single-segment. Individual levels you can practice over and over, manipulating random outcomes to your advantage to squeeze out more time, you only have to play for so long before you can take a break and you only need to get familiar with a certain set of tricks required for your chosen level(s).

Single segment is a whole other beast. You have to know the entire game: all the tricks, all the options, all the encounters, all the weapons, all the enemies and all the random BS you can encounter. You have to construct a safe route out of all this, and then you have revise that route to account for your stress and tiredness and stuff you’d never thought could possibly happen.

Then you practice the hell out of it and start making attempts!

The inspiration for this comes from Cody Miller’s similar run of Halo 2 – all the way back in 2005. I was amazed by that run when I saw it (have you seen it? Go watch it!). When I started speed running properly in 2007, in Halo 3, it was at the back of my mind, but I honestly never got good enough at Halo 3 to even challenge any of the single-level Legendary records, let alone do a full-game run. By the time Reach released I’d like to think I was much better at Legendary play, and played it on Legendary far more than any other difficulty.

During the spring of 2011, having got single level records on many of the missions, I began to wonder about finally doing a single segment and began practicing. Then when Cody Miller himself laid down the gauntlet, I knew I had to complete it.

The next several months involved lots of iteration of route, practise, attempts, failure and reconsidering whether I should even try it! I took breaks and tackled single-level run improvements as well.

The ‘No Deaths’ part causes a huge amount of anguish: I had practiced enough, and had route read to do a sub 3-hour SS run as early as spring, but I couldn’t do it without deaths. Virtually the entirity of the next several months was practice and route improvements to stamp out areas that caused me deaths.

When I did finally complete it, on the 27th October 2011, I actually began at 7:26am local time, after already staying up too late trying to finish my route, and then being unable to get to sleep at all. So any mistakes I feel entirely justified putting down to sleep deprivation. :)

Winter Contingency11:03
There are some slide jumps down the slopes at the begining that you can do, I messed them up but they only save a few seconds which is nothing compared to time you can lose later on. The Spec-Ops camo Elite here is how you know it’s on Legendary: he only shows up on this difficulty. On the balcony of the first structure you can jump off the end and up some rocks to save some time, but again this is nothing in the scope of things so I don’t bother.

Everyone knows you don’t need to fight out the ‘Overlook’ area: running past on the right is both safe and easy.

I couldn’t get the Falcon skip to work consistently enough for my liking: I kept failing to bring it down or Jun would randomly be there or I wouldn’t get through the barrier. I cut it out and instead drove the Spade around the right of the mountain to get the Trooper location near the river: this location is much easier to fight out since you can get a lot of distance and cover from the drop ships.

Outside the Relay, you need to kill the first wave as quickly as possible (grenades!) and get to Kat to trigger the next waves. Then take out most of the first two waves and you’ll get the dialogue to go inside, so I do, and continue to kill enemies to make sure it’s as quick as possible.

Inside I like to kill the Elite in the first corridor so I don’t have to worry about him later.

Sword Base9:09
The Phantom doesn’t fly overhead until you move up, so I use this opportunity to take out an Elite early (who are your biggest threat in this area). After this its all about moving up on the left, grabbing a PP and taking out the Elites, sticking as close to cover as possible.

Door doesn’t open until the TL is picked up, but you want it anyway. The Pilot of the Ghost doesn’t usually turn around here and see you; I was lucky I was close enough to board it.

The method for Air-View is actually one I developed for Mythic: Target Locate the middle to try and take out as many as possible, then finish off all the Grunts. The Elites will rush after this making for easy splatter targets. It was annoying the General was still alive and he has killed me here before, but hitting the switch from below isn’t as difficult as going up there to face him.

The rest is standard Legendary Speed Run stuff. The only difference being that I pause for a moment at the top of the building in Farragut to kill the Grunts dropped off from the Spirit: the Phantoms outside Sword Base come exactly after you hit the switch, and I wanted a clean run to the Rocket Launchers without Revenants being dropped on my head!

This was a frustrating level since, as a single-level speed run, it’s exceptionally simple in strategy but, in my experience, the route through the first settlement is all luck. This was the very last piece of the route to become final – the strategy for the first settlement I only thought up and perfected the day before I did this run. For several months I yo-yo’d between relying entirely on luck – to completely fighting it out. I’m happy with this route since it’s safe, but doesn’t make the run a full ten minutes!

I chose to grab the very first Camo since you have a height and surprise advantage, and there are fewer enemies nearby than the one at the begining of the first settlement. I was lucky that Ultra Elite and the Jackal weren’t aware of me – usually I would have killed them with the Sniper Rifle from the ridge.

Even running at full speed, the camo means a lot of enemies won’t notice you from a certain distance, so it’s a big help at getting through without being shot. The Spec-Ops Focus Rifle Elite can randomly be on either the building he was here, or the one on the other side. If he’s here, and spots you, he definitely needs to die otherwise the rest of the Covenant will be aware of you, even if you manage to get away from his fire.

Going round the balcony in the first part is pretty standard but, going far around the back of the second part of the first settlement is pretty unusual. The enemies don’t advance to attack you when you’re stood behind that rock in the corner, giving me a good oppurtunity to recharge the Camo and kill some Grunts to clear the way to the next building. Once through the building, I hop up on the rock, right next to an invisible barrier, to get as far as I can while out of reach of the enemies below. The hopping helps me stay on and not slip off. :)

Tip of the Spear10:12
In general, this is a slower and very safe version of my old 9-minute single-level speed run.

I was more timid at the first Tyrant since I had had bad experiences with the Ghost killing me before the bridge and with the Skirmishers randomly rolling my ‘hog and causing me to die. So took them out first and since I was already around there I took out the Tyrant from the other side.

Outside BXR I probably could have run behind them easily enough, but I wanted to keep things simple and easy here since the Girder-skip jump freaks me out sometimes.

Long Night of Solace26:41
A long mission and annoying one because of the Space fight and the interminable cutscenes. More or less a standard speed run of the level, except longer because I didn’t want to die, got unlucky, and I suck at space. >_<

This level went very smooth and according to plan. Standard Legendary tactics for the most part, except hijacking a Wraith at the Beachhead rather than the much riskier camo/mongoose method.

I had a very scary moment at the end of jetpacking through the cargo port – the Brute Captain with a Concussion Rifle was much closer than he ever usually is and far more aggressive. He reduced me to just 1 bar of health, which scared me a little and put me off from doing the Jetpack/Grenade Uber-jump up Traxus Tower while there were still enemies around.

New Alexandria20:58
This did not go according to plan.

I had a major scare on Buck’s Escort mission (Classified Ops – why did I get Buck? :( ) when I was dogged by a lot more Banshees than I had anticipated and reduced to 1 bar of health again! Some steep banking away just barely saved my life.

I completely failed at grabbing a Banshee for the Hospital Skip, and couldn’t have done the teleport anyway since it was given as my last mission, and since I didn’t have a Jetpack I had to get extracted for evac. That cost nearly 4 minutes. Rather than embarass myself trying to jack a Banshee again, I ended up fighting out the hospital which I really hadn’t wanted to do.

The Package21:56
Nice simple DMR clearing of the first area – it’s madness to try and skip it on a single segment since even on a single-level run it takes a lot of re-tries.

The Scorpion section I took really slow, even grabbing a Focus Rifle to take out the gunners of the shades just outside Sword Base. You can simply blow through with your tank, but the time/aiming tolerances are quite low.

I died once before on The Package while trying to hi-jack the Revenant just outside the gates to blow through the courtyard with. After that experience I wasn’t keen to try again so killed it and delt with the courtyard on foot.

The rest is more or less how I tackle it on Mythic – easier in general, but simultaneously with less vehicle health than you have with All Skulls On.

The Pillar of Autumn18:40
I didn’t expect the Ultra Elite to go the route he did at the begining so I had to improvise a little with a Plasma Combo.

After an awful death at the Scarabs on a previous attempt, I decided that this time I would spawn them and let them pass before going through the area.

I stuck very close to my 15:56 route for most of the rest. Up until the final room with the Zealots, where I took things very cautiously. I hopped back down to the little hut on the Holdout to grab the Hologram for that little bit of extra reassurance on the Mass Driver.

Total time: 2:20:52

Lone Wolf3:03 – 14 Kills
I feel I got a bit cheated with how early this level ended – usually I do better than this. I was also pretty tired, and since it’s a bonus level, I didn’t really care too much anymore either. :)

The stats for each level are linked through the time text, and all the saved films are attached to the stats in the ‘film’ tab.

Timing Method:
From the begining of the Winter Contingency to the end of Pillar of Autumn. Lone Wolf is a post-credit bonus level with no set end and is not counted. It is timed the same way Mythic/LASO runs with blind are timed: using the time-bar in the Theatre replay to work out the start and end of when the player actually had control. It is done this way for a Single Segment as using ‘scoring’ for the in-game timer takes the player back to the main menu after each level – adding extra unnessary time for any live recording and extra steps in getting to the next level.

As Seen On:

Halo: Reach Full Game Legendary No-Death in 2:20:52 by RC Master

Oct 142011


Scoring on, no deaths, and no level-breaking skips: full game in less than 2 hours on Heroic!


The Spartan 1 Project is one of the largest Groups on Bungie.net, and now has its own website. Much of it’s success is based upon the existance of a number of teams within the group dedicated to helping people get achievements or to attain some other goal within the Halo games. In the past we’ve featured runs on this site from two of the more prominent groups: The Annual Team and the Highwaymen for the in-game achievements on the last levels of Halo 3 and ODST respectively.

One of their other groups, the ‘Quest for 52′ are dedicated to helping players complete the weekly challenges in Halo: Reach (with a presence on S1P.com and B.net).

The Rules

In the spirit of weekly challenges’ length and difficultly, and to promote activity in the group, two of their members (R MK XXV and Ham Sanwitch) created a competition known as ‘Reach Iron Pro’ – essentially, complete the entire game, on Heroic, without dying and with as much score as possible. Top 3 runs receive prizes, with 1st place getting a year of XBL Gold membership.

Contest rules and Discussion Thread .

Rules reprinted here for posterity:

The Rules:
Solo RIP run:

1. The run is to be done on Heroic difficulty.
2. Scoring is to be turned on.
3. No skulls are to be turned on.
4. Co-op runs are not allowed.
5. Once you die the run is over. (You must restart from the beginning of the campaign.)
6. Phasing / warping are not allowed in the run.
(i.e. Forklift glitch on Nightfall, Banshee glitch on New Alexandria, etc.)
7. De-spawning enemies is allowed.
8. Runs must appear in series in your stats. (to avoid recon of the upcoming level)
(They must appear in a row (one after another) in your campaign games played on Bungie.net)
9. Silver accounts may be used
10. Saving can be done at a level transition only, not in the middle of a level.
11. Replays of each level are to be saved for possible submission for verification.
12. You must be a member of QF52. So sign up and get cracking!!! If you’re not a member yet, click here to join!
13. There is no rule 13 . . .
14. Save quit/restart from last check point are not allowed to cheat death.

Contest End date:
Wednesday November 9, 2011

Contest Judges:
Ham Sanwitch
(The judges are not eligible to win any of the prizes.)

Contest will be judged based on levels completed in the campaign with the players overall score being used as a tie breaker.

Whose run is it anyway?

Being pretty experienced in Reach’s campaign, I (RC Master) took up this challenge to see what I could do. I decided to do is Single Segment (one sitting) and to record it Live as well: to lend as much credence to my run as possible.

As you might have gathered, I managed to do the entire game on my second attempt: placing me in the lead and becoming the first person to complete the game under the rules of the challenge.

About the Run

The rules disallowing the Forklift and Banshee skips, as well as the scoring component, make it a pretty unique challenge: Single Segments for pure speed would probably be played without scoring to allow the player to go from level to level without going back to the menu, and any tricks possible in the game would be allowed.

But, their challenge, their rules.

If nothing else, this run might be the only time you get to see a run on Nightfall and New Alexandria that do not feature those two tricks.

Though allowed, I felt that the Falcon Skip on Winter Contingency – being invincible and smashing through a level barrier – wasn’t really consistent with the spirit of the rest of the challenge so, I left it out. It made running the level simpler as well since I sometimes have issues with that trick.

Much of the levels are played as if they were Legendary: with a few alterations due to the extra damage you can take here and there.

Nightfall is pretty easy on Heroic to sprint through much of it. From High Ground onwards however, I had to fight it out due to the rules of the competition. It’s not as fast as this fighting can go by any means, and even with enemies you can be can more aggressive and use camo to advance through the final area much more quickly. Safety was the name of the game here however and anything I saw, I killed.

The Mongoose Rush method for the end of Exodus is totally mad for a single segment on a high difficulty. Instead I used a method I saw developed for Mythic runs involving hi-jacking the nearest Wraith for the first two switches and Camo-rushing for the last.

Speed running New Alexandria is a lot about luck, so in a Single Segment it really can be anything from 12 to 20 minutes as you have to leave yourself in a position to deal with any order and set of events. My first attempt at this run ended in the Vyrant Tower: the Hunters killed me as I jet-packed to the jammer. Not wanting it to happen again, I took out 3 of them – perhaps a bit over-cautious in hind-sight.

I thought using a Banshee in the Glacier after an hour and a half of running could have gone badly, so instead I opted for a Wraith. Upon reflection, it would probably have still been fine to take a Banshee for the whole thing since it is still Heroic.

The final room of PoA went pretty badly to be honest: I was too aggressive in killing the Zealots on the ground floor, so this messed up the trigger for the Field Marshall to move back. I spent far too long there overall as I flustered about wondering what to do! I wouldn’t ordinarily hop in the Mass Driver for the entire sequence, but it is (only) Heroic so it’s a lot safer. Part of the point of the competition is to get the highest score as well and Phantoms and Banshees are worth a huge amount of points so it was an opportunity that really couldn’t be missed.

Finally, Lone Wolf. Consider Lone Wolf a bonus: you can end it immediately by attempting to suicide, so the time isn’t counted for the time you see in the title. I did my best and gave them more than a fair run-around I think for it being at the end of a Single Segment, but it’s not the best run you’ll ever see of this level.

If anyone has any other questions about the run, leave them (preferably) here, and I’ll try to answer them. For questions about the competition itself, take it to Spartan1Project.com.

A Few Stats

Full B.net Stats for each level are linked in the YouTube Description. Or start here.

Time: 1:58:20
Score: 139,709
Enemies Killed: 1,065

Can you do better?

As of writing, the competition is still open to all newcomers. If you’re interested, hop on over to the Quest for 52 thread, read the rules carefully, check out what else you’re up against, and give the challenge a go to see how far you get!

Good luck!

~ RC Master

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Halo: Reach Full Game Zero Deaths Heroic in 1:58:20 by RC Master