Jan 212014


Introducing a new runner to our team, Stealth Angels, AKA Dom, we give him a taste of Exodus on Heroic.

Sticking to the same plan as our Exodus Normal run, we shell everything with grenades, fuel rods and rockets. Only one difference. We all grab the jet packs. Both Dom and Jake head to the left to provide some sacrificial distractions so the grunts and brutes would not be focused on myself as I follow RC Masters route along the wall and sneak up behind the enemy lines.

We would have liked to have had Zero deaths but sadly DazedWheat takes a Fuel rod to the face and then continues to spawn on myself… falling to his death. Despite the deaths we still manage a valid and respectable 10:54.

Note from NOKYARD: This one was slated to be posted years ago but somehow fell through the cracks. My apologies.

Halo reach Exodus 3P Heroic in 10:54 by DazedWheat6419, Metal karima, Stealth Angels

Jul 052013


A simple speed run.
Plasma pistol the Kamikaze Grunts, rush the Brutes, clear the Atrium and make way to the falcons, rocketing and fuel rod-ding everything in our ways. Metal karima heads for the first button, MisshapenLime68 for the second and myself for the final. We hit them all at the same time (near enough) ending in a respectable 10minutes on the dot.

Halo Reach Exodus 3P Normal in 10:00 by DazedWheat6419, Misshapenlime68, Metal karima