Feb 272014


Sekela and I improve the existing WC Easy co-op record by 57 seconds. It can still definitely be faster, and we will eventually improve it.

This speed run is also available for viewing on TermaciousTrickocity‘s YouTube channel.

Halo Reach Winter Contengency 2 Player Easy 7:51 EnsnaredCadaver and Supersekela

Feb 222014


This tutorial shows how to perform the concussion bubble shield jump on Pillar of Autumn in Halo Reach.

This enables you to reach the MAC Cannon Early to snipe a wave and use the cannon to take out 2 waves of enemies.

This is a must have trick in any speedrunner arsenal.

Practice makes Perfect


Michael W Smith

Halo Reach POA Bubble Shield Jump Tutorial

Feb 172014


Good beach fight. The space fight is where the most time can be lost or gained and my fight was good but not perfect. The Corvette section had some annoying mistakes, but they didn’t lose me more than a few seconds. Improvable if you’re good at the sabre fight.

This speed run is also available for viewing on Backflip‘s YouTube channel.

Halo: Reach Long Night of Solace Easy in 14:39 by Backflip

Feb 042014


This project took quite a bit of work, but I am pretty happy with it. Some of these tactics are new and are easy enough to be implemented into single segment runs. There are also some that are way to difficult for that. If you have any questions about any of this just ask. I am currently working on a couple of SLASO runs and a couple zero shot runs. In the past, I always stop working on a run to do a route for another one. Hopefully I can stay focused for these. Anyway thanks for watching.

Also, please note that I shot:
In the falcon part on Tip of the Spear
In the space battle on Long Night of Solace
In the MAC Cannon on The Pillar of Autumn
The Tip of the Spear can be done without by doing a couple launches, but it is slow and boring and allowed according to highspeedhalo.
The space battle is impossible eventually, so I figured I would shoot throughout it.
The MAC Cannon is mandatory as far as I know.
Special thanks to Auraxade, EnsnaredCadaver, and ZealotSG for their help.This speed run is also available for viewing on BeastingHalo’s YouTube channel

A note from NOKYARD

If you have a speed run or speed running project, which is not categorized as one of our standard World Records, we will be happy to post it for you. These are presented as ‘Entertainment Speed Runs’, not competitive speed runs, so we are not seeking for other’s to attempt to beat the time. Of course, we will not stop you from doing so…

Halo: Reach Legendary Zero Shot Segmented in 1:52:21

Feb 032014


So this run is almost identical to previous one submitted by RC Master. The only improvement was how I acquired the plasma pistol to shoot down the falcon. When coming out of the lower entrance after first sighting the Covenant, there’s a Skirmisher standing right in front of you. If you’re quick, you can pop his head before he runs off, grab his plasma pistol, and continue on with the speed run.

Halo: Reach Winter Contingency SLASO in 10:52 by superblip