Feb 082014


This coop speedrun of Oni Alpha Site on normal, despite having a few deaths, is actually a pretty good time. There are things in the fighting that could be done better, plus a one second optimization at the bridge that might help, but I’m happy with this time. 8:30 is possible however.

This speed run is also available for viewing on Chappified‘s YouTube channel.

Halo 3: ODST Oni Alpha Site 2 Player Normal 8:43 Chappified and Gamepro011

Sep 182012


Following in the footsteps of his Winter Contingency Pacifist run Muzza takes on ONI Alpha Site Pacifist in 59:44. The run is a bit difficult to watch in parts due to Muzza keeping himself busy by practicing his jumping skills (in retrospect i could have focused the camera on the battling AI) but some pacifist runs are not about ultimate speed. This one is about staying alive while the invulnerable AI allies take out the very vulnerable AI enemies.

Halo 3: ODST ONI Alpha Site Pacifist in 59:44 by Muzza

Oct 252010


KroKus continues to iteratre on Easy SP ONI Alpha Site, beating his own previous run by 13 seconds, finishing in 8:46. Through better positioning and improved no-scope pistol kills, KroKus even throws in a slide jump inside the ONI Complex and manages to give the Needler some love too.

Written by LotsofLuck

Halo 3: ODST ONI Alpha Site Easy difficulty in 8:46 by KroKus

Sep 132010


The last time we saw KroKus, he was Flare/Hammer jumping into the back of a Pelican on Seirra 117. It seems that particular Pelican never made it to Crows Nest, and instead landed him in front of the ONI Alpha Site in ODST. To make the best of it, he smashes my Easy solo record while he’s there!

The click, click, click of the bridge’s charges gets the run rolling, then he slides into courtyard and proceeds on to kick all kinds of ass. Check out the Laser double kill on a Hunter and a Brute! With some smart weapon management, and precise knowledge of the Phantoms’ drop locations, he’s up the hill, grabbed his rocket, and is stepping inside just as the doors open. I reckon the only reason the Marine’s think they can’t hold any longer is because KroKus exited the fight!

Inside its a similar mix of expert weapon usage and intimate knowledge of the spawn locations which means the Covenant rarely make it down the first set of stairs. When they do, KroKus is quickly on hand to show them why they shouldn’t have tried!

Mickey is left dumbfounded at the speed with which the two Phantom drop squads were killed; as it takes him a few seconds to realise they’re gone!

Up the lift,  smash the remaining enemies in a similarly quick and explosive fashion, and he’s ready for his next flight. Eager to get out, he meets it early with another assisted jump for a final time 1 second shy of 9 minutes.

Lets just hope this Pelican doesn’t take as long to reach its next destination! Welcome back KroKus!

-Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST ONI Alpha Site Easy difficulty in 8:59 by KroKus

Sep 112010


“Seems like a lot of effort over a building you’re going to rip giant holes in with explosives anyway. Oh, and blowing a bridge out won’t do much to stop the advance of an enemy with air-bound drop ships now will it? Regardless, Mickey and Dutch still need to get out of there before that happens, and that means waiting for the local law to arrive with their bird.

To speed things along on this Easy run, I help with some killing. Once inside the wall, the first to go are the Hunters with the laser, then a quick clean-up of the other forces. Completly taking out the next drop, as well as the Wraiths, then high-tailing it to the top of the hill will hitting any more you can seems to more or less guarantee the door opening as soon as you get there.

Inside, I chose a Shotgun and Pistol combo for the Brutes and Grunts/Jackals respectively. The troops from the Phantom drop gave me a bit of a run around, so theres room for improvement there. Ascending the lift I use the chain-gun turret I had no use for on the ground floor, for a Killionaire on the Buggers! Reach the top, smack the last few enemies, and into the Pelican in 9:45.” – RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Oni Alpha Site Easy difficulty in 9:45 by RC Master

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Sep 092010


Rorcin and BishopOfAngst waste no time getting the job done in their speed run of ONI Alpha site. They blow the bridge as soon as possible, and mow down any Covenant forces who dare enter the control room. BishopOfAngst’s pistol shoots so fast at times it sounds like a machine gun. BishopOfAngst even stays behind to mow down the drones so that his partner can get to the top even faster. After their heoric victory, the team can’t wait to end the level, and meet the Pelican halfway down with a nice brute shot/hammer combo. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride!
-Written by: LotsofLuck

Halo 3 ODST ONI Alpha Site 2 Player Easy in 8:11 by Rorcin and BishopOfAngst

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Sep 082010


“Here we have something a little slower from Dark Devastation: ONI Alpha Site SLASO. It’s a level that you can’t do much to speed up: you simply have to fight your way through. On Legendary, with All Skulls On, that can take some extra time too.

He uses the plentiful Lasers on the terracing to take out the most dangerous enemies from afar, resorting to a little bit of classic Noob Combo when those run dry to keep the hilltop safe.

Once inside, he transfers the heavy lifting duty to the friendly AI, making sure to stand well out of their firing zones, while he deals with the altogether more delicate job of the headshot. Which certainly aren’t sparse in this run!

After the Covenant drop onto the rear platforms, it becomes a bit of a scavenging game; searching for the last few Plasma Pistols to take out the Brutes. He manages it eventually, then hides his butt next to the elevator door to keep himself safe from the Buggers.

At the top, with freshly aquired PPs in hand, its classic one-two Plasma Combos again. He tangos for a short while with the Hammer Cheiftain; narrowly assassinating it just before it was about  turn around and greet him with Gravity Hammer-assisted Orthodontist treatment.

He’s finally in the NMPD Pelican in just under 20 minutes.” – RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Oni Alpha Site SLASO in 19:42 by Dark Devastation

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