May 092013

So with Halo 4 on the horizon I figured I’d get back into the speedrunning game, and what better way to start then by beating some long standing Easy times?

The run overall is pretty solid. You could shave another second or two from the beginning to actually getting to the landing pad assuming everything went perfectly. As for the pad itself, depending on how adventurous and efficient you want to/can be, you could possibly knock another 5-10 seconds off by destroying the enemy carrying phantoms with the missile pods that are lying around. Would be tough though.

Anyway, final time is 5:47, an improvement of 11 seconds over the old record. I might try and beat this time again, just to see what I could potentially get.

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ Easy in 5:47 by AuraSoldier313

Mar 292011

EnsnaredCadaver and his co-op partner BishopOfAngst are back to fill in the last co-op slot on NMPD HQ; Normal difficulty. With this  5 minute, 40 second run, Ensnared Cadaver now has his name on all of the usual record slots for this level! Impressive stuff!

If you’ve seen any other of this pair’s fantastic runs before, this is right along the same lines. Ensared Cadaver up front, BishopOfAngst providing cover fire. Its all smooth running right up to the crashed pelican. At the Pelican, its tag-team killing time! Two ODSTs with Rocket Launchers can sure decimate a group of Brutes quick!

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Normal difficulty in 5:40 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Dec 122010

Last time EnsnaredCadaver and BishopOfAngst were here, it was on Legendary in 6:32. Fortunately, this time, their stay is shorter in this comparatively relaxing Heroic difficulty run.

Its safe to say that EnsnaredCadaver knows a thing or two about speedrunning this level; his name lights up the board for all slots except SLASO and High Score. Thats why he (on top screen) takes the lead through this level while BishopOfAngst (bottom screen) provides covering fire from behind. As you’ve come to expect; the first few minutes is a straight-line dash through the first few areas of the level, with thier nice tier-skipping grenade jump thrown in for good measure.

When they regroup at the Pelican’s crash site, its time for co-op missle pod action! Ensnared on the left, and Bishop on the right. Nothing lasts very long – especially when they concentrate two Rocket launchers’ worth of power on a single squad of enemies.

Bip, Bap, BOOM! Level done in 5:47.

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 5:47 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Sep 132010

A lot of levels come down in style to either one of two flavours: killing everything to trigger events, or avoiding as much as possible because you don’t have to. In this Solo Legendary run of NMPD HQ, Ensnared Cadaver brilliantly shows how NMPD HQ, in terms of speed running, is about half and half.

Up until he gets past the Turret Chieftain, he takes a very precise minimalist approach and kills just 4 key enemies that could endanger his progress.

After that, hes had enough of being shy and takes a more maximal approach; decking 71 enemies in the process. He does some more shaky-bridge sniping to prepare the stage, then shows off the aggresive Missile Pod usage we’ve come to expect from him on this level. To complete the show, he multi-kill rockets the biped invaders before they barely touch the building.

Its true that the outline of this strategy is similar to his other runs on this level, but of course, its more awesome seeing it on done Legendary. :)

-RC Master

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ Legendary difficulty in 6:47 by Ensnared Cadaver

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Sep 112010

“Ensnared Cadaver (top) and xryanx1 (bottom) waste no time pretending you need to fight the first sections of NMPD HQ. They charge right through, jumping down and up the terraces with ease. Including a nice little grenade jump from Ensnared Cadaver up to the final level of the second area.

Once at the construction crane, they snipe the existing enemies to clear the way for their arrival, then grab some Rockets and a Missile Pod each and go to town on the incoming waves of Banshees and Phantoms. The Banshee Pilots are firmly smacked out of the sky under the combined, homing, fire of the Missile Pods, while the Phantom crews barely get to stretch their legs before being sent back to their maker.

In all; its a highly organised and well executed stomp on the Easy difficulty Covenant. Romeo gets his chest busted in a record setting 5:28.” – RC Master

Halo 3 ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Easy difficulty in 5:28 by Ensnared Cadaver and xryanx1

Sep 092010

518,505 points scored on solo Legendary NMPD HQ with 8 gold, and 3 Silver Skulls activated in 8:55 for the full 3x time multiplier. 61 enemies killed, 80 medals earned. Most points scored by weapon: Spartan Laser. By Enemy: the Banshee.

-Carnage Report

Let me tell you a little on how this run came into existance: Nearly a year ago, when ODST was still young, and Halo: Reach was nought but a name, I undertook the Mythic ODST Challenge. That is, to complete the whole of Halo 3: ODST Campaign, solo, on Legendary, with all Skulls on, and with scoring enabled!

My initial run on NMPD HQ was not particuarly outstanding as level completes go; it was a 30 minuge long, gruelling, systematic elimination of all the enemies that lay between me and and the downed NMPD Pelican. Then, a further 15 minutes spend cowering next to health packs as the friendly AI slowly worked their way through the Banshees and dropped off troops from the Phantoms. It was not pretty.

Pretty soon after that in the Mythic community, it was realised you can do things much faster than that. You don’t need to kill everyone, and in fact you can run through nearly the whole level, with only the fight at the end to slow you down!

I updated my run through of the level to a time of just 10:04 with around 475,000 points. Narrowly missing the 3x time multiplier that would have secured a score of over half a million. At the time it was a speed run record to, so I let it be for the time being.

This summer however, with the time record thoroughly smashed, and the impending launch of Reach and the relaunch of HSH, I thought I’d take another stab at it…

So off comes the Blind skull, and on comes the visible rain of points! At its core, this high score run is still a speed run, I dash through much of the level, only altering my behavior slightly to be sure to pick up a few points along the way to the Phantom. Once there, its Spartan Laser time! Why, might you ask? Well, with the Spartan Laser, you not only get credit for killing the Banshee and Brute pilot at once, for a nice Double Kill multiplier, but you also get two laser kill style medals which boost your points even more.

There are a few full lasers lying around at the Pelican crash site, and one in Dutch’s hands. Make sure to grab his so he doesn’t steal your kills.

Room for improvement?

Well, I had more than a minute to spare of the 3x multiplier left. Somebody who improved this run could certainly spend some moretime capping badguys in the begining segments to top up their score. At the fight at the Pelican; keeping the Missile Pod Turrets intact (both of them) for longer and using them to keep downing Banshees after the Lasers run dry would give another boost in points.

I’ve laid down the groundwork, now have at it!

Halo 3 ODST NMPD HQ High Score 518,505 by RC Master

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Sep 082010

“Dark Devastation manages the internal ‘for fun’ leaderboards at the Quest for SLASO group on, and wasn’t happy with my slightly sloppy and cowardly 10:04 run being at the top of NMPD HQ. He took it upon himself to replace the top spot with something a little more worthy. Several iterations of attempts went into the run we finally present to you today, which improves that run buy more than a minute and a half!

Dark is a very aggressive Romeo in this run; he cuts an almost straight line through many of the areas, fighting from health pack to health pack, and isn’t afraid to take on all kinds of (tilt and mythic enhanced!) Brutes with just a few grenades and a melee! His dip behind some benches to slip past the considerable group of Covenant just before the ammo room is impressive, and he doesn’t even stop to say hi to the Plasma Turret Cheiftain; just gives one of his body guards a smack in the face with an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot. They’re so surprised to see him there, they don’t even give chase!

Once he reaches the crane (in around 2 minutes!) he grabs the Fuel Rod Gun from the Grunt and hands it over to Dutch; who gets straight to work taking down whole Phantoms! The fight is well managed; interchanging between Lasers, Rockets, Missile Pods and the occasional back-smack to knock down all comers.

He finishes in just 8:28 and in so doing, sets a pretty low ceiling for future Heroic and Legendary runs to compare themselves against.” – RC Master

Halo 3: ODST NMPD HQ SLASO in 8:28 by Dark Devastation

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Sep 072010

Halo 3 ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 6:32 by Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst

Halo 3 ODST NMPD HQ 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 6:32 by Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst