May 112013

Now this run was a tough nut to crack. Ensnared Cadaver’s already impressive 4:26 run was probably as optimized as you could get, but with a slight course adjustment at the very beginning of the level and a decent amount of luck, I managed to nail a solid 4:24 run, edging out the old run by 2 seconds.

I reckon it could maybe be improved by another 1-2 seconds at most; I made a few tiny mistakes here and there that probably cost me a second overall, so I might try and nail a perfect run sometime later on.

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Easy in 4:24 by AuraSoldier313

May 092011

With 549,807 points, this is now the highest scoring single level run we have ever posted! Across the 3 missions we’ve got high-scores for in Halo 3 ODST, we now have a total of 1,591,598 points!

– About the Run –

The route for this run followed the basic idea that killing all / most of the enemies and still finishing under 10 minutes for the 3x multiplier was quite a bit of effort. So I took the extra 5 minutes for the 2.5x multiplier and took my time making sure they were all dead.

2:28 – Some of the biggest points in ODST come from getting the multi-kills: it makes you play a little weird sometimes, damaging a bunch of enemies first, and then killing then killing them altogether to get the points multiplier.

3:40 – Banshees are very lucrative in ODST as well: not only do you get a large amount of points for killing the vehicle, the driver counts as a separate kill and so you a multi-kill multiplier as well.

4:43 – Wraiths are also very lucrative, if very hard to kill. If you can manage to leave the gunner alive, you can get a triple-kill bonus on top of the big points for killing the Wraith.

5:03 – Getting sprees in ODST grants you a big chunk of points.

6:15 – Sometimes, if the driver dies first, you only get credit for them, and not the Banshee; this is incredibly frustrating.

6:42 – Those squid houses are also worth a lot of points and are pretty easy to kill: definitely get all of them!

7:30 – one of the biggest areas of points was from this combo of the Wraiths and Squid Houses. With the gunner still alive the driver of the Wraith, and the Squid house, it counts as an overkill and grants 18k of points!

Messed up the second one, but managed to snag a Kiltrocity somehow with the 3rd Wraith in the area.

9:23 – getting two medals on a single target, headshot and EMP, actually doubles what you’d get if you just got a single medal kill on them.

10:03 – I’m terrible with ODST’s grenades!

11:30 – This fight with the Scarab went completely FUBAR unfortunately. It kept wiggling and I couldn’t take off its rear protection on the first try. I was already past 10 minutes though, so I thought might as well take the extra couple of minutes and have it dead as well.

12:47 – Landed the final spree medal with this Banshee for a healthy dose of extra points.

14:25 – I finally decide to land and take the Scarab out on foot. I ended up only getting a measly 7 thousand points for it: barely worth the effort!

14:56 – Now, you would think that multi-killing all these squid houses would grant a huge whack of points; not so! It doesn’t get credited to your actual score until it disappears from next to your reticle: meaning that I’m still stuck with just 219 thousand by the end! Feels like a rip-off to me…

Still, with the 2.5x multiplier secured in a time of 14:38, and 6 Gold skulls active, I manage to get a final score of 549,807.

– Statslink –

– How could you improve this? –
There would be two ways: do the same overall route, concentrating on getting more multi-kills than I manged.
Or, being much more aggressive, go for the 3x multiplier and get more than 185k points in that time. Focus on the biggest targets, grab some insane multi-kills and you might just manage it.
I wouldn’t reccomend trying to put on either Mythic or Black Eye on this level; mythic makes Wraiths and Banshees ridiculously hard to kill, and Black Eye in a largely vehicle level would probably get you killed more than it was worth.


This run is by far the highest score on the corresponding leaderboard. But, that list is very incomplete since HaloCharts only stores one Campaign high score per user. As always; if you have a higher scoring run (with a film) send it to us to claim the record!

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. High Score 549,807 points by RC Master

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Mar 292011

The co-op duo of Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst are back, this time on Kikowani Station on Normal!

Theres no de-loading of the enemies in the first area in this run. Instead, Ensnared and Bishop absolutely murder the opposition with a pincer from a Banshee and a Beam Rifle.

Being in a pair has the advantage of being able to go for multiple objectives at once. In the second area, this means Bishop blasts the Squid house while Ensnared guns for the door.

I have to say; its pretty cool watching two Banshees duck under the doors in unison!

At the pair of locked doors just before the Scarab, Ensnared waits patiently in his Banshee while Bishop hits the switch. This then allows Ensnared to boost through the hall and past the Scarab towards the final door long before Bishop is able to claim a new Banshee.

With all this put together on top of the usual single player route, together Ensnared Cadaver and BishopOfAngst manage to get their final time to be just 4:13. Thats 13 seconds faster than the equivalent single player run!

Check it out for yourself. – By RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. 2 Player Normal difficulty in 4:13 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

Mar 292011

BishopOfAngst and EnsnaredCadaver race through Kikowani Stn co-op in an impressive 4:12 using every last trick they could.

They start off with some impressive running and gunning to the Banshees along with some expert killing in them to make the Phantom go faster through that area. They race on through to the second portion killing the “squid house” along the way to prevent the Phantom from stopping unnecesarily to kill it, wasting time.

They then go through to the third area racing through it to the locked door section and using some great teamwork they make short work of this section and go straight on through to the final area, bypassing the Scarab and finishing the level.


Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. 2 Player Easy difficulty in 4:12 by EnsnaredCadaver & BishopOfAngst

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Mar 292011

After submitting excellent runs for Legendary, Easy and Normal difficulties on Kikowani Stn. there was just one wrinkle left on the board: my old Heroic run that had the same time as his new Legendary run. Not content with letting that old run sit there, Ensnared Cadaver has brought us a new run that clocks in eight seconds faster than mine. His new time of 4:28 brings it nicely in between the times of the runs on the adacent difficulties.

All the tricks and maneuovres you’ve come to expect are here: a slide jump and run right underneath the engineer that makes it look easy. A quick destruction of the first ‘Engineer House’ to get the Phantom to move up. Smooth flying between the doors. And of course, skipping the Scarab fight entirely!

He makes the run to the do -or swtich through the group of Covenant look like an absolute breeze!

Written by: RC Master

Note: Once he’s in the Banshee, you can skip ahead to 2:30 to get back into the action.

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Heroic difficulty in 4:28 by Ensnared Cadaver

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Dec 052010

Ensnared Cadaver is back on Kikowani Stn. this time on Normal difficulty, and finishes it up in exactly the same time as his Easy difficulty run! The increased difficulty doesn’t affect the route nor dent his health any more than it did, he just strolls right through performing all the tricks with precision. The time is 4:26.

Note: Once he’s in the Banshee, skip ahead to 2:20 to get back to the action and avoid the long wait for the Phantom.

- Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Normal difficulty in 4:26 by Ensnared Cadaver

Nov 302010

Ensnared Cadaver slices 3 seconds off of my Easy record for Kikowani Stn. with this very relaxed run. A lot of staight-line running and flying, a few quick turns to blast some badguys to oblivion, and he’s out of the city in no time.

Now, if we only didn’t have to wait for the ODSTs to get their asses in that Phantom.

Written by: RC Master

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Easy difficulty in 4:26 by Ensnared Cadaver

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Sep 132010

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Legendary difficulty in 4:36 by EnsnaredCadaver

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. Legendary difficulty in 4:36 by EnsnaredCadaver

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Sep 112010

Halo 3 ODST Kikowani Station Easy difficulty in 4:29 by RC Master

Halo 3 ODST Kikowani Station Easy difficulty in 4:29 by RC Master

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Sep 082010

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. SLASO in 4:47 by Dark Devastation

Halo 3: ODST Kikowani Stn. SLASO in 4:47 by Dark Devastation

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