Feb 282014


This tutorial shows how to set up and perform the bugger skip launch in Data Hive from Halo ODST.

Originally discovered by B5Dredbulltsff, it skips the trigger for the buggers on the top floor and allows you walk to the end in Legendary and SLASO speed runs.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Michael W Smith

Halo 3 ODST Data Hive Bugger Skip Launch Tutorial

Feb 202014


This run of Data Hive on Normal in 11 minutes and 36 seconds is.. interesting. I managed to get a very good time despite not having a gravity hammer for the fight in chapter 3 (after meeting Vergil). There were also quite a lot of movement optimizations that adds up to at least 5 seconds or more lost. Sub 11:30 is possible.

This speed run is also available for viewing on Chappified‘s YouTube channel.

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive Normal in 11:36 by Chappified

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Feb 072014


This run beats the previous record by a little less than 10 seconds, which isn’t bad. The fighting and movement in the area prior to meeting Dare was pretty good, the fight after meeting up with Buck went by well too, but not being at the door when it opened probably lost a significant amount of time, so this can be pushed down lower, maybe to sub 11:50.

This speed run is also available for viewing on Chappified‘s YouTube channel.

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive 2 Player Normal in 11:58 by Chappified and ODST

May 102013


I ran this level late last year and only just recently remembered that I indeed still had it in my saved files.

Final time is 11:25, 25 seconds faster than Dark Devastation’s old time. There isn’t that much to it though besides some route optimisation and gravity hammer jumps.

The main time saver came from causing Virgil to spawn in the elevator when I reached it on the way out, rather than need to wait for him to slowly hover to my position; usually happens if you head back to the elevator facing the way you came, and pulling a 180 when getting to the elevator. Virgil will just decide that he has the power of teleportation, though that could’ve helped earlier on mind you.

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive Easy in 11:25 by AuraSoldier313

May 192011


Dark has been all over the place with his speedruns lately. This time, hes back on Data Hive in ODST, and ups the difficulty from his previous run there on Easy to Normal.

He loses about 27 seconds overall compared to his easy time, but its still very slick. This time of 12:17 goes into a previously unfilled slot!

~ RC Master

This run is also available to watch on Gocnak’s Youtube channel

Halo 3 ODST Data Hive Normal in 12:17 by Dark Devastation

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Dec 022010


HighSpeedHalo welcomes an excellent first run by Vincent Kurayama, who tackles not just an empty Easy run, but a amazing SLASO run of Data Hive, beating the previous time by a whopping 11 minutes 48 seconds! Using the plasma pistol combo to full effect and great headshots to boot, Vincent Kurayama mows down all the Covenant he encounters. Despite this constant carnage, there is surprisingly a lot of sneaking around, more so then I would have thought possible in a SLASO run. With 2 brute chefitan ninja kills, combined with a box launch (halfway through a no-death run!) that skips a good portion of the level, this is defintely not a run to pass up. Enjoy!

Written by LotsofLuck

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive SLASO 21:00 by Vincent Kurayama

Nov 292010


Ensanred Cadaver & Rorcin speed through Data Hive on Heroic and almost leave Dare in the dust. Great team work enables the duo to pull off countless noob combos and mow down all the Covenant in their path. One player even slips by a group of enemies without one a single bullet in his pistol! Apparently the brute’s best defense are flares, and throw a record number 6 flares in the run, but to no avail. Go check it out!

Written by LotsofLuck

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 12:29 by Ensnared Cadaver & Rorcin

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Sep 082010

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive SLASO in 32:48 by N8ked Eli

Halo 3: ODST Data Hive SLASO in 32:48 by N8ked Eli

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