Feb 282014


This tutorial shows how to set up and perform the bugger skip launch in Data Hive from Halo ODST.

Originally discovered by B5Dredbulltsff, it skips the trigger for the buggers on the top floor and allows you walk to the end in Legendary and SLASO speed runs.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Michael W Smith

Halo 3 ODST Data Hive Bugger Skip Launch Tutorial

Feb 272014


This tutorial shows how to despawn the enemies before the first door, a crucial trick for speedrunning.

Learn the count and jump right before the pod explodes. Be careful up there it is slippery.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Michael W Smith

Halo CEA Library Initial Despawn Jump Tutorial

Feb 222014


This tutorial shows how to perform the concussion bubble shield jump on Pillar of Autumn in Halo Reach.

This enables you to reach the MAC Cannon Early to snipe a wave and use the cannon to take out 2 waves of enemies.

This is a must have trick in any speedrunner arsenal.

Practice makes Perfect


Michael W Smith

Halo Reach POA Bubble Shield Jump Tutorial

Feb 212014


This tutorial shows you how to perform the famous Keyes shield bump. The trick enables you to skip over 80% of the level and basically skip to the end. Text bubbles explain every step of the way.

Practice makes perfect.


Michael W Smith

Halo CEA Keyes Shield Bump Tutorial

Feb 202014


This tutorial shows a definite and repeatable way to get from the beginning of the bridge on Requiem to the end in 2 minutes.
This is done SLASO so it can definitely be done Legendary.
Need i mention Practice makes perfect.


Michael W Smith

Halo 4 Requiem Bridge to Shore in 2 Tutorial

Feb 172014


This is a tutorial of various ways to skip the entire fighting portion of Rally Point Delta on Shutdown.
Of course coupled with the well known Alpha through Charlie skip found by NoWise10. Shutdown can be done in under 6 minutes with this skip.


Halo 4 Shutdown Super Launch Skip Tutorial by MichaelWSmith

Feb 162014

As part of our ‘That Just Happened’ news feature we highlight speed runs from around the community which do not fit the strict and established World Record categories, but are otherwise very entertaining and informative. Here MichaelWSmith displays his SLASO prowess and presents his vision of how a Halo 4 SLASO Single Segment run could potentially be performed by placing his best Individual Level (non segmented) runs back-to-back.



This is a Full Game run on SLASO of Halo 4 in its entirety. It consists of 8 no-death segments representing the 8 missions. 6 of the segments are finished in world record time.

It comes in at a little over 2 hours.

This run contains ALL the current known skips glitches and rushes known to our community.


Halo 4 Full Game SLASO Segmented in 2:06:49 by MichaelWSmith