Sep 282012

This is not the world record. However, it is the fastest run we have on video. Pahis’ run of this is long lost and we’ll likely never see it.

This was in fact a world record for about a week, it beat Pahis’ old record of 11:04. He went back and beat it with an amazing time of 9:33.

However, this is a vast improvement over the run currently on the website. So I thought I’d post this for the sake of people watching the videos.

I hope one day, Pahis or someone else comes back and gets another sub 10 on this mission.

~Dark Devastation

Halo 3 Sierra 117 SLASO in 11:03 by Dark Devastation

Aug 082010

This is a collaborative effort on Sierra 117 coming from Rorcin and cheeseliker92,because hey, why have just one person make the game look silly? On Legendary, no less. It seemed as if the level itself was taking a back seat in this run, because neither it or myself could keep up. I had to rewind the run on more than one occasion after I’d mistakenly blinked or taken a bite of my sandwich. I’m sure the run is actually being played on easy. It’s everything you want a cooperative run to be. Outstanding teamwork, some solid fighting and some great shortcuts. I can’t spoil it for you. Give this blistering 6:42 performance a watch and see what Sierra 117 looks like through the lens of madness. You won’t be disappointed.

Halo 3 Sierra 117 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 6:42 by Cheeseliker92 and Rorcin

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Aug 082010

Working together, Blazer787 and Chase17 are a deadly combo. For Sierra 117, the team has come up with a brilliant way to cross the gap, and beat the normal difficulty time by 3 seconds. They also submitted two solid examples of team work with a run of the Covenant on Normal and Heroic, bringing the Covenant one run short of Full House Status.

Halo 3 Sierra 117 2 Player Normal difficulty in 5:53 by Blazer787 and Chase

Aug 082010

High Speed Halo welcomes some new runners, the co-op team connordavisj & rock chalk, as well as imikedaman, and with them comes two fantastic videos. First, we start off with a co-op run with connordavisj & rock-chalk, who completely dominate resucing Johnson, and utilize the newest way to get across the gap. Next, take a look at imikedaman’s Heroic Storm run. He quickly abandons the warthog for the ghost, and zips past the destroyed Anti-Air wraith straight into the next area. Imikedaman mainly ignores the enemies after the Scarab, but a few rockets to the face serves as a nice reminder to stay away. These two runs save a combined 37 seconds over the last runs, so check them out.

Halo 3 Sierra 117 2 Player Easy difficulty in 5:46 by connordavisj and rock-chalk

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Aug 082010

It’s my pleasure to post this next run, Sierra 117 on Legendary in 7:14 by Cheeseliker. One particularly notable thing is the use of slide jumping in this run to constantly boost speed for the first half of the level. The second half features a nice brute shot assisted grenade jump, as well as the trick to get in the pelican early.

Halo 3 Sierra 117 Legendary difficulty in 7:14 by Cheeseliker92

Aug 082010

Halo 3 Sierra 117 Normal difficulty in 6:20 by Stock3

Halo 3 Sierra 117 Normal difficulty in 6:20 by Stock3

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