Sep 092010

Following in Boargasm’s footsteps, new runner lallii Imari takes RC Master’s previous dominance on the Halo (H3) table one step further by bringing the solo Normal time down under 11 minutes.

Forgoing the Fuel Rod Gun and instead choosing to ascend the tower with a Grenade and Hammer combo jump (like in the Easy run) means he’s at the top of the tower before the old run even made the first jump.

Once there, a solid door defence with the BR gives him the “Loading… done.”, and access to the control room) in under 3 minutes. At this point, he has a 16 second lead over the old run.

Unfortunately, the double Laser trick doesn’t work (Johnson has already lost his first one over the cliff) which loses him a bit of time both just outside and inside the control room.

Once back outside, he has a bit of trouble getting through the remnants of the Flood who take off his shields twice. A super smooth first jump in the hog nearly makes up for that, but persistent Sentinels after the last jump slow him down again.

Overall he gains 7 seconds on the old run, for a new time of 10:54. This new time, and new name, goes on the table!

Welcome to HSH lallii lmari!

A note from NOKYARD. This is absolutely the best shakeycam video we have ever received. Well done!

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Normal difficulty in 10:54 by lallii lmari

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Sep 072010

This record-setting Vidmaster Annual run was done on April 26th, 2010 by members of The Spartan I Project’s (SIP) Annual Team.

The four Annual Team members who participated in this run were:

ContactTango (SIP Administrator & Annual Team Captain with over 600 successful Annual runs)

DisguisedBandit (SIP Forum Moderator with over 240 successful Annual runs)

FlexedCookie (SIP member with over 60 successful Annual runs)

rc takedown (SIP Forum Moderator with over 55 successful Annual runs)

Thanks to all the guys at High Speed Halo for giving us the opportunity to showcase our accomplishment.

Note: The video presented here is from DisguisedBandit’s perspective.

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Legendary Achievement: Vidmaster Annual in 12:26 by ContactTango, DisguisedBandit, FlexedCookie, r c takedown

Aug 172010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

RC Master demonstrates his mastery of The Storm by making the two main objectives look like the simplest of kills. The Scarab is vanquished with a few well placed shots from a Missile Pod, and the AA Gun falls by way of charged Plasma Pistol bursts. In all he knocks off a combined 2:22 from the previous records.

The record for the fastest Halo run falls below the 11 minute mark with a very impressive 10:50 on Easy.

For the next two runs RCMaster puts away the guns and puts up his fists with Zero Shot submissions on Tsavo Highway and Halo. The 6:47 Tsavo Highway run requires a few detours and a bit of back-tracking to complete, but can be done with the help of a Gunner and Passenger wielding a Fuel Rod Gun. The 13:11 Halo Zero Shot may be the last run you see where there is any actual fighting on top of the multi-tiered structure since the new Pacifist path (coming soon) has been found. Enjoy it while you can.

Special Rule: Due to the reasons stated in this forum post we consider the Killing of 343 Guilty Spark during the Halo Mission to be an “Active Cut Scene” and not part of regular game play. Therefore the shooting of 343 Guilty Spark will be allowed for a Zero Shot Halo run.

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Legendary Difficulty Zero Shots in 13:11 by RC Master

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Aug 172010


From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

It has been a long time coming, but the Pacifist Runs Page is now on-line. There you will find a small collection of gems, new and old, which prove some problems can be solved without the use of superior fire-power.

We had to sweep several years worth of dust and cobwebs off goatrope’s 343 Guilty Spark walkabout, which I then had to encode and colorize from black and white 8mm film. The effort was well worth it because this run is what Pacifist is all about. Goatrope uses cunning and guile to skillfully evade wave after wave of flood and does not lose even one bar of health until the final group of enemies. He also strolls through Uprising in 3:37. Be sure to watch to the end to see him take the long rappel to the bottom of the ravine.

Duelies makes a rare speedrunning appearance with a very respectable 5:04 on Outskirts. All that was required was a slightly different course and nerves of steel.

EnsnaredCadaver makes fools of us all with his 4:24 power-walk through Floodgate. I had to laugh as he just sauntered past enemies who would normally rip you to shreds. Demonstrating that enemies who normally respond aggressively to gun fire will often turn and watch as you run past.

Most believed Halo (Halo 3) could not be conquered Pacifist style. With the help of the Special Rule, some expert jumping, and a little load-zone manipulation, cheeseliker92 manages to get the job done in an impressive 15:32.

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Legendary Pacifist 15:32 by cheeseliker92

Aug 082010

Borgasm seems to think he can take a crack at me and my Halo run on Legendary… Regardless of his way with words, he throws down a nice run of it on easy in 10:39. I have to say, nice jump onto the spire.

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Easy difficulty in 10:39 by Borgasm

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Aug 082010

From the original High Speed Halo News Post:

RC Master runs Halo again, this time on Normal difficulty, coming in with a time of 11:01. He speeds up the process of scaling to the top of the control room by using the Fuel Rod Gun instead of grenades, and takes a different driving route which saves a couple seconds. RC Master also ran a 2 Player run with UnFoundBug on the same difficulty on Halo, clocking in at 11:01. One might say the top player (RC Master) is a little over-zealous in killing Johnson to skip the cutscene, seeing how he kills him three times!

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Normal difficulty in 11:01 by RC Master

Aug 082010

RC Master fills in the last gap in the Halo times page, with a run on Heroic in 11:56, 2 seconds faster than the legendary run. He proves how much of a legendary spartan he is by wielding not one, but two spartan lasers, and getting HUGE airtime on the jump.

You may also remember back to when we posted screenshots with the runs. I don’t know why we stopped, because it’s pretty cool. So I’ll start again.


Halo 3 Halo (H3) Heroic difficulty in 11:56 by RC Master

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Aug 082010

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Legendary difficulty in 11:58 by Cody Miller

Halo 3 Halo (H3) Legendary difficulty in 11:58 by Cody Miller

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Aug 082010

Halo 3 Halo (H3) 2 Player Easy difficulty in 10:24 by Rorcin and Cheeseliker92

Halo 3 Halo (H3) 2 Player Easy difficulty in 10:24 by Rorcin and Cheeseliker92

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Aug 082010

Halo 3 Halo (H3) 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 11:07 by Rorcin and Cheeseliker92

Halo 3 Halo (H3) 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 11:07 by Rorcin and Cheeseliker92

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