Oct 022012


Once in a while a speed run comes along which must not be missed.

This is one such run.

You MUST watch HISTORY100 run Crow’s Nest if you want to see a nearly perfect specimen of running efficiency, flawless creative tricking, and combat proficiency. From the Hangar battle to the Drone ride there isn’t one area which fails to excite. He even shows us a handful of new tricks including Hammer Box launches (one is not off of a box!), and an exciting new way to ride a Drone.

This beats the previous record by an incredible 46 seconds.

If you would like to hear the original Japanese dialog pease visit the runner’s YouTube channel.

Featured on Halo Waypoint

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest Legendary in 9:46 by HISTORY100

Aug 082010


Rorcin and Cheeesliker92 pull off an amazing run, beating their previous run by over 40 seconds. Check out this run if you want to see lots of Covenant die really quickly, as the team just mows down anyone who stands in their way. They skip the deployable cover, obliterate the drones, and perform a flawless gap jump.

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest 2 Player Legendary difficulty in 9:39 by Cheeseliker92 and Rorcin

Aug 082010


Maluu has completed an amazing run of Crow’s Nest on Legendary, in 10:32. You really have to see the way he deals with the drones. You really have to see the way he crosses the gap before the elevator. You really have to see the way he takes out the jetpack brutes. You really have to see the way he arms the bomb. Basically, you really have to see this run. With skills like his, did Miranda REALLY have to blow up the base?

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest Legendary difficulty in 10:32 by Maluu

Aug 082010


Psychophan7 and SimpsonsRule show the real way to run Crow’s Nest with a new neat trick. Using the gravity lift, a gravity hammer, and a shield generator, they manage to get one player across the chasm over to the elevator, skipping the barracks fight. It looks amazing, and the team nails it first try each run. They also bring some new tricks to board, such as using the gravity hammer during Cortana flashbacks, and bringing two machine guns to bear in the Heroic run at the drones fight.

Halo 3 Crow’s Nest 2 Player Heroic difficulty in 9:46 by Psychophan7 and Simpsons Rule