Feb 162014


Sloppy run in the beginning part but I manage to grab the trip there instead of later at the SOI cutscene. I mess up on the box launch after the cutscene and almost die from flood. I add a new box launch down the hallway. Finally manage to survive the final launch but then mess up on the final slide jump. Time can be almost around 3:25 or lower prolly.

Halo 3 Floodgate Easy in 3:33 by T3h Boar

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Feb 152014


Hey guys!
My first ever speedrun on this site was The Covenant Heroic in 13:42. This was back in June of 2010. It’s stood the test of time, until now.

Recently, History100 has been running missions on Legendary, beating the record for that category and also beating other difficulty times, too.
I saw he was doing this, and wanted to improve my Heroic time. I’d known for a while that the run could’ve been improved, simply because getting the Warthog to the first tower is faster than running. So I thought this would be the best time to improve my run. I started work on this run a few weeks ago, but with Halo 4′s release, I was thrown off.
Now that my interest in Halo 4 has worn off, I was back to finish this run.

I’m very proud of this run, only one mistake in the third tower. Overall a great run!

Halo 3: The Covenant Heroic in 12:47 by Dark Devastation